All Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown trophies and achievements

Can you conquer this trophy list?

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown trophies and achievements

The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown trophies and achievements have plenty of dangers awaiting you. From bosses to fully upgrading your necklace, there are a lot of tasks to complete.

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Prince of Persia The Lost Crown trophies and achievements
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All of the Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown trophies, detailed

There are a total of 30 Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown achievements and trophies to complete. They include:

  • Prince of Persia (Platinum) – Acquire all Trophies
  • The Maneater (Silver) – Defeat the king of beasts
  • The Forest Trespasser (Silver) – Defeat the otherworldly queen
  • Snake in the Sand (Silver) – Defeat the banished god
  • Fists & Arrows (Silver) – Defeat the artful legend
  • The Storm Master (Silver) – Defeat the mighty master
  • The White Lion (Silver) – Defeat the vengeful prince
  • King of Kings (Silver) – Defeat the king
  • The End of Time (Gold) – Defeat the god prince
  • A Warrior’s End (Silver) – Defeat the old general
  • Time Served (Silver) – Eliminate the Jailer
  • Parallel Universe (Bronze) – Defeat an alternate version
  • Warrior Within (Silver) – Use every Athra Surge
  • Glory of Faravahar (Silver) – Fully upgrade the necklace
  • Blessing of Shamshir (Gold) – Fully upgrade both the sword and bow
  • Tools of a Prophet (Gold) – Collect all amulets
  • Elixir of Gods (Gold) – Acquire all Soma Tree petals
  • Cyra’s Last Hope (Bronze) – Find the Herbalist’s last camp
  • Written in the Sand (Silver) – Complete the prophecy fresco
  • Tree of Life (Silver) – Speak with every Wak-Wak head
  • Spectre of the Seas (Bronze) – Discover the ghost ship
  • Hidden Floor (Bronze) – Discover a secret floor
  • The True Moon (Silver) – Complete the Moon Gatherer’s quest
  • Charitable Soul (Gold) – Finish every side quest
  • Betrayal (Bronze) – Eliminate an enemy with the Dimensional Claw
  • Natural Resources (Bronze) – Collect five ores
  • Shock Trooper (Bronze) – Eliminate 20 enemies with an opportunity attack
  • An Honorable End (Bronze) – Defeat a Lost Warrior
  • All the Time in the World (Bronze) – Gain 10,000 Time Crystals
  • Air Dancer (Bronze) – Eliminate 30 enemies in the air
  • Deadly Trap (Bronze) – Eliminate five enemies by throwing them into spikes

How to check the progress of your trophies

If you have a PS5, you can easily track your progress with each of these trophies. Head to the trophy list by heading to Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown‘s page on the console’s main menu. Then tap the down button on the D-Pad. You’ll see a box next to the Friends Who Play area. Press the cross button and you’ll see the percentage of how much you’ve completed to the left of each applicable trophy like Shock Trooper.

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