Everything we know about Indiana Jones and the Great Circle – release date, platforms, and more

Time to get that iconic hat back on.

Everything we know about Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is one of Xbox’s biggest titles in its schedule. It will hopefully be an entertaining first-person adventure; here’s everything we know about Indy’s next story.

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What platforms will Indiana Jones and the Great Circle release on?

As of the time of writing, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle whips its way to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC later this year. It will also be available through Xbox Game Pass. Before Xbox purchased Bethesda, it was reportedly planned on PS5 as well, but this won’t be the case now. Hopefully one day, this Indy game can head to PlayStation and possibly Nintendo platforms as well.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is first person only
Image via Bethesda

Can you play Indiana Jones and the Great Circle in third-person?

Unfortunately for some, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will be in first-person in terms of exploration and combat. However, there will be instances of third-person gameplay during climbing sections and of course during cutscenes. This may make the game less accessible to those who struggle with controlling the camera.

What is the gameplay like?

This Indiana Jones game seems to be authentic to the movies in terms of gameplay. You can use the whip to slip enemies, damage them, and even distract them with its sound. “We ended up with this sort of hybrid experience that mixes melee combat, stealth, and gunplay,” said design director Jens Andersson during the Xbox Developer Direct.

Puzzles will also be a major part of the experience, perhaps like the Uncharted series. “The spirit of discovery is so important to Indiana Jones,” said Andersson. There are puzzles within the main pathway, but there are a lot that are optional as side content. “Epic traps, small secrets, and hidden puzzles…blend right into their surroundings,” said Andersson.

Who is developing the game?

MachineGames is creating Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. It has plenty of experience with first-person shooters with the outstanding Wolfenstein series revival of games.

What story details do we know and when does Indiana Jones and the Great Circle take place?

This Indy story takes us back to the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade in 1937. The adventure begins when Marshall College gets robbed. However, one thought to be an insignificant relic becomes essential to the investigation. Indiana decides to go to the Vatican to begin his journey and find the ancient power behind the Great Circle.

Indiana Jones meets a new friend named Gina. She’s an investigative reporter, who is trying to seek the truth behind this mystery, likely for a story. According to the Developer Direct, “She has a lot riding on this adventure.”

The villain Emmerich Voss “is an intensely psychological man,” said creative director Axel Torvenius. “He’s obsessed with the human mind and manipulating it.” Perhaps the ancient power revolves around mind control, but that’s just speculation.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle timeline
Image via Bethesda

Who is playing Indiana Jones?

The actor behind Indiana Jones isn’t Harrison Ford. Instead, it will be voice actor Troy Baker. He’s been The Last of Us’ Joel, BioShock Infinite‘s Booker DeWitt, and Batman in Justice League x RWBY. His voice sounds pretty similar to Ford’s, but time will tell if fans accept his performance.

Is John Williams behind the score?

Bethesda did not hire composer John Williams to return for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Instead, it will be Gordy Haab. He has experience with another property that Williams has worked on: Star Wars. For example, he’s the composer of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the EA Star Wars: Battlefront series. He’s even done composing work for Lego Indiana Jones 2.

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