Is Palworld on Game Pass?

Is Xbox Game Pass packing?

Is Palworld on Xbox Game Pass?

The Pokemon-like with guns Palworld on Game Pass is a big get for Xbox. Being able to collect monsters, farm, and then fight with guns sounds like a grand time. Given its performance the week of release, it’s a smart Game Pass value addition.

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Palworld on Game Pass would be a nutty addition
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Can you play Palworld on Game Pass?

Palworld is available on Xbox Game Pass, for modern Xbox platforms (Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S), as well as PC. The game is also available on Steam for $29.99.

Just know that at launch, the Xbox Game Pass and Steam versions of the game are different: the latter is based on an earlier build. There are no cross-play capabilities between the two.

Is Palworld an early access game?

Palworld is an early access title. The developer may think it isn’t ready for the masses to play on the subscription service yet.

“We believe that to create an exciting and completely new game, it is very important to keep fine-tuning it based on feedback from our players,” said Pocketpair on Palworld‘s Steam page. It approximates that it will take a year to make the 1.0 version. Perhaps then, we may hear more plans of the game heading to Xbox Game Pass.

However, the developer has said it “may consider extending early access” as work on the game proceeds. Palworld is expected to launch under an early access period sometime in January.

As time goes on, there will be new monsters, areas, and dungeons. It will also have new buildings and items “that make the survival elements more pronounced and enjoyable,” according to the Steam page.

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