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Disney Marvel stream recap

Mickey, Black Panther, and even Jake Sully

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Today, Disney and Marvel aired its first-ever games showcase. The duo spotlighted a bunch of games, both upcoming and out right now, coming to a bunch of systems. Even Avatar snuck in there.

The showcase covered a bunch of stuff, so we’re here to help break it all down. Everything ranging from a teaser for Skydance New Media’s still-untitled Marvel project, to some new Disney Dreamlight Valley residents.

The headlines from the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase

  • Bithell Games opened the show with a short teaser for its Tron project, Tron Identity. A quick jaunt over to its Steam page shows it’s a visual novel adventure set in the digitized world of Tron, which sounds pretty awesome, actually.

  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy team up for some co-op platforming in Disney Illusion Island. This will probably be hit-or-miss for some folks, but could be a decent co-op platformer for families. That’s coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2023.
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns resurfaces, and it’s got a new date! And by Odin’s beard, it’s this year still! Firaxis’ Marvel project will arrive on December 2, and get a prequel series of shorts starting on Oct. 31.

  • Red Hulk is coming to Marvel Strike Force. I don’t know enough about the different Hulk variants to tell you what’s happening there, only that there’s just a whole lotta Hulk. And when’s that ever a bad thing?
  • The card battler take on the Marvel universe, Marvel Snap, locks in a launch date of October 18 for PC and mobile. That seems like one to check out if you like the idea of Marvel crossing over with Gwent or Hearthstone.
  • Alien: Dark Descent got a short gameplay clip. It looks kind of neat, but now I just keep thinking about how Aliens should cross-over into Kingdom Hearts.
  • Speaking of franchises you sometimes forget fall under the Disney umbrella, Ubisoft’s Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora got a little teaser. That’s coming to PC and next-gen consoles.
  • Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is getting a Galactic Edition, featuring some characters from the Disney+ lineup of Star Wars shows.

  • Return to Monkey Island keeps looking rad. That’s arriving pretty darn soon, on September 19.
  • Gargoyles Remastered is on the way. adding another classic to the list of remastered Disney platformers.
  • Disney Mirrorverse has some villainous stuff afoot, with more info in October. Disney Speedstorm also showed up, to confirm its bringing Monsters, Inc. to the roster when it launches.
  • Toy Story is coming to super-chill life-sim Disney Dreamlight Valley sometime this fall. I’m not sure Buzz Lightyear knows how to fish, but we can teach him.
  • Avatar: Reckoning is an MMO RPG shooter where you play as an “Avatar warrior”, with guns and customizable Na’vi bodies. I’m pretty distracted by the NieR: Automata boss battle they spliced in for a second there.
  • Skydance New Media teases its upcoming Marvel project, which looks to follow Captain America and Black Panther. No title yet, but sounds pretty neat!

  • Niantic closes the show with Marvel World of Heroes, which will looks like it’s an augmented reality game with Marvel tie-ins.

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