What we want from Pokemon in 2023

Pokemon 2023 hopes and dreams

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Welcome back! It’s time for a new episode of the Spot Dodge Podcast exclusively on Destructoid. Topics: Tonight we’ll be talking all about the upcoming Pokemon Presents. Along with that, a war still wages between Sony and Microsoft regarding acquiring Activision-Blizzard. A deal that will have huge ramifications across the industry, even for Nintendo. As Microsoft has signed an agreement with Nintendo to release Call of Duty and other “Xbox games” on Nintendo platforms. So much to talk about!

There’s a high chance we get our first look at the next major Pokemon game during this week’s Pokemon Presents. One area I really hope the following games are improved in is the performance. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are still riddled with bugs and performance issues which is a shame, as they’re great games to their core. Lastly, Pokemon titles are sorely missing from the latest Nintendo Switch Online announcement regarding Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games coming to the service. Tonight on Spot Dodge we’ll talk all about Pokemon in 2023.

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