LEGO 2K Drive is getting a four-season ‘Drive Pass’

lego 2k drive pass dlc

Hundreds of levels, vehicles, drivers, and other rewards

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LEGO 2K Drive might not even be off of the starting grid just yet, but that hasn’t prevented publisher 2K Games from announcing four seasons of post-release content, as well as the premium-paid “Drive Pass.”

Starting in June, LEGO 2K Drive will begin its rollout of four seasons of additional content, each containing “100 levels” as well as new vehicles, drivers, stickers, sounds, brick packs, and other rewards. Most of this content will be free to all players as each season arrives, but an additional paid “Drive Pass” will let brick-laden drivers gun through an array of additional rewards, which will include exclusive vehicles sponsored by real-world brands such as Dodge and Nissan.

2K also notes that the LEGO 2K Drive seasons will not have time limits, so anyone picking up the free or premium Drive Pass will not be forced to grind through to the end before any specific deadline. More details as to the contents of the seasons will be released as each respective event approaches. LEGO 2K Drive, first revealed back in March, adapts the globally popular brick-based toy to the raceway, and will allow players to engage in local and online races, while also building vehicles, playing mini-games, and taking on a full single-player story campaign.

LEGO 2K Drive launches May 19 on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Multiple editions of the title are now available for pre-order, ranging from a standard $60-70 edition to a princely $120 “Awesome Rivals” Edition.

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