Lenovo may have AR gaming goggles in the works

A new competitor has entered the ring!

There were previous reports that Lenovo may be preparing to release a handheld PC gaming device that will compete with the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally. A recent article from Windows Report goes more in-depth regarding the rumored handheld device, while also revealing that there could be AR goggles to accompany it.

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According to Windows Report, the glasses are part of a gaming ecosystem being developed by Lenovo. No release date or price is given for the handheld or the glasses, and Lenovo has yet to confirm or deny the reports.

Lenovo Legion Play.
Image via Taki Udon.

Lenovo’s Legion Go could have accompanying AR glasses

Windows Report had previously revealed a few images of the Legion Go handheld gaming device from Lenovo. It is reported to run Windows 11, and it may be unveiled at this year’s IFA Berlin Trade Fair in September. The Legion Go wouldn’t be Lenovo’s first attempt at a handheld gaming console. The company once had plans to release the Legion Play, and a few prototype units were made available in China. However, the product was never widely released.

No specs are given regarding the AR glasses, though images suggest that it is meant to be used in tandem with the Legion Go. As for the handheld, it appears it will feature a microSD reader, an FPS mode switcher, as well as detachable controllers similar to the Nintendo Switch’s joy-cons. It is also expected to feature an “AMD Ryzen Z1 processor specifically designed for handheld Windows-based devices.”

Using AR glasses, players could potentially blend virtual elements with the real world. A simple example of this can be found in Niantic’s mobile game Pokemon Go which allows you to see your favorite critters in your living room. With a much more powerful device, such as a handheld gaming PC, even more opportunities could be opened up.

Though AR glasses are an interesting idea, they won’t be the only ones on the market. Apple has unveiled the upcoming Vision Pro headset that will offer both augmented and virtual reality. Lenovo’s AR glasses could gain a competitive advantage if it manages to undercut the Vision Pro’s hefty $3,499 price tag.

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