How to get String in Enshrouded

You will need lots of Strings

How to make String in Enshrouded

There are a ton of resources in Enshrouded, including raw materials and crafted ones. One of the early crafted resources you will need a lot of is String. Used to bind things together, String is useful in crafting a variety of items, so you’ll need to know how to get String in Enshrouded.

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How to craft String in Enshrouded

To get String in Enshrouded, you will need to craft it using Fiber. You can get lots of Fiber by looking around the grassy area, as seen in the screenshot above. You can then go up and interact with these plants using the ‘E’ key by default to collect them. You will get some Twigs as well as some Fiber for collecting them.

It takes three Fibers to craft one String, so once you have enough Fiber you can either craft it manually in your inventory from anywhere or visit your Workbench to do so. If you choose to craft it at your Workbench, switch to the Manual Crafting tab. To craft in your inventory, hit the ‘V’ key to open the crafting window. Next, hit the spacebar to craft one String out of three Fibers. Of course, you can do this as many times as you want as long as you have the Fiber to do so.

What is String used for?

String is actually a required reagent for crafting a lot of other early items in Enshrouded. Here are some of the items you can craft with String:

  • Bandage (1 Torn Cloth, 1 String) +4% Healing Per Second for 10 seconds.
  • Axe(4 Twigs, 1 Stone, 1 String) 11 Damage, 6 Stamina Cost, 160 Max Durability – Used for cutting wood.
  • Pickaxe(4 Twigs, 1 Stone, 1 String) 11 Damage, 6 Stamina Cost, 180 Max Durability – Used for mining.
  • Torch(1 Twig, 1 String) Used to provide light for a short period of time.

String is also used to make the basic Shield, Bow and all pieces of the Ragged Armor. Once you know how to get String in Enshrouded, you probably want to make at least one of everything you can that uses it. Pretty much everything has a use, so it can be nice to have them readily available.

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