Where to spend stat points in Palworld – best stats

Some are better than others

Where to spend stat points in Palworld - best stats

Each time you level up in Palworld, you get five stat points that you can place across the six different stats. Of course, depending on how you are playing the game, some stats may be more important to you than others. However, overall there are definitely some stats that are useful and others that are not. Here is where to spend stat points Palworld, and the best stats you can go for.

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How does each stat work in Palworld?
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How does each stat work?

It’s important to note that these stat increases only affect your character, not any of your Pals. In fact, if you look at your individual Pals from the party screen, you will see each Pal has its own Health, Attack, Defense, and Work Speed. Each Pal has different stats, meaning some Pals may be better for different tasks than others. Here are all the stats and how each one works:

  • Health — Your Max Health increases by 100 with each point you put into this stat. This increases the amount of damage you can take before dying.
  • Stamina — Each point in this stat increases your Stamina by 10. With Stamina you will be able to do more actions before running out of Stamina and having to regenerate it, including climbing walls.
  • Attack — Increasing this stat will give you +2 attack with each point. This will increase the amount of damage you do, but not the damage of your Pals.
  • Defense — Every point in Defense decreases the amount of damage you take per hit.
  • Work Speed — Each point in this stat increases your Work Speed by 50. Work Speed affects how fast you do tasks such as crafting and cooking.
  • Weight — Increasing this stat will give you +50 Weight with each stat. Increasing your Weight will allow you to carry more without getting encumbered.

Best stats to spend your stat points in Palworld

In my opinion, the best stats to put your stat points into in Palworld are Stamina and Weight. At a glance, you’re probably wondering why I’d choose these two stats. Let’s go over why these two stats are the best and all the other stats are somewhat pointless, except maybe Work Speed depending on your build.

Increasing your Stamina is just good all around. You get a nice amount of Stamina per point, so it’s a worthwhile investment. You’ll be able to climb higher and further, swim longer, and do other tasks such as mining and woodcutting without getting tired. You can also run around more without getting tired which is a nice added bonus.

On the other hand, Weight will increase how much you can carry. Because it goes up 50 with each point, you can really increase your weight capacity. Wouldn’t it be nice knowing you can go out and Mine 1,000 Ore and carry it back to base without being slowed down? More importantly, however, is that the other stats just aren’t very useful.

The bad stats in Palworld

First, let’s talk about Attack. Because you only get 2 more Attack with each stat increases which starts at just a 2% damage increase, it really isn’t worth it. You’ll get more stat increases here by equipping better stuff. Besides, you will get a lot more damage out of your Pals than the raw damage you can do regardless of weapon. With the right Pals, even if you put all your stat points into Attack you wouldn’t do near as much damage as them, making Attack somewhat useless.

Because you’ll be using your Pals to do your damage, that makes Stamina and Defense less useful as well. It’s a lot easier to just run around and dodge out of the way of attacks while your Pals do all the work as opposed to worrying about mitigating damage via stats. Also, you can’t even put stats directly into Defense. It’s only increased by equipping different Armor, Passives, and Pal Skills.

An argument can certainly be made that Work Speed is worth getting, at least a little bit of it. Because you start at 100, just by putting two points into Work Speed, you will double it. If you wanted to dump a handful of points just speed everything you handcraft up by a bit, you probably can. Or on the flip side, if you just want to sit in base and craft all day, you can probably invest mostly into it. However, with the use of Pal Skills and more important ;yPassives, you can really increase the Work Speed of your Pals. Therefore it makes sense to put them to work doing the tasks while you’re out exploring, expanding, and catching more Pals.

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