How to get more Street Surfer battery in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Boost that scooter.

You might already have a sick new scooter for Ichiban and co., but you could use some more charge. Here’s where to get more battery for the Street Surfer in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

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After picking up the Street Surfer in an early-game substory, which you should absolutely go do ASAP, you’ll probably want to build up a bigger battery. It’s an investment; spend money now, to stop less often. There are three battery packs for the Street Surfer in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. And thankfully, they aren’t hard to find.

Street Surfer Battery A / Alpha

The first Street Surfer battery in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is generously given to you by the scooter’s creator, after first acquiring the transportation device.

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Whatever you do, don’t forget that you got this way early on in the game and go looking for a mysterious third battery pack. Don’t spend a ton of time like that. I can’t imagine what kind of guides writer—probably the handsome, charming, humble kind—would do such a thing, but don’t be like them. If you have the Street Surfer, you have the first battery pack.

Street Surfer Battery Pack B / Beta

Ahem. Now that that’s out of the way, you’ll need to do some legwork, or motoring, to get the rest. They aren’t exactly hidden or even behind any combat or puzzle. Simply head to the store that sells them.

For Battery Pack B / Beta, that locale is Treasure Select Pawn on Hulu Avenue. It’s right next to Julie’s Gearworks, if you’re in the area for some weapon upgrades.

You’ll find it sold for $1,500 at the store. Pricey, though frankly, money is rarely an issue in this game. Infinite Wealth was not a misnomer; you will have cash to spare.

Street Surfer Battery Pack C / Gamma

For the third and final battery pack, head to the Treasure Select Pawn in Chinatown. While the first TSP was all the way on the east side of Honolulu, this pawn shop is nearly all the way to the west.

Snatch it up for another $1,500 and you’ll have all the Street Surfer battery you could ever want in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. You’ll still need to refuel it from time to time, but hey, maybe one day we’ll invent a solar segway or something.

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