How to get the Street Surfer segway in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Stop walking. Start scooting.

Getting tired of running everywhere? Envy Cloud Strife and his stupid, cool segway? Well, in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth you can get your very own Street Surfer segway scooter to call your own. You just have to beat a quick substory.

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The good news is, you can get this pretty early on. I got mine somewhere around Chapter 4, but you can probably reach it as soon as the open world is available and substories start populating in Hawaii. You’ll know it’s available when you see the quotation mark icon appear near Kiryu’s hotel, at the T-intersection of Seaside Avenue.

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Complete Surfin’ the Streets!

You’ll have to take on a substory here, though it’s thankfully quite short. You’ll meet the inventor of the Street Surfer, attempting to get passers-by to ride it. Ichiban can take him up on the offer, and you’ll get a quick tutorial on how the Surfer operates. Take note of the auto-cruise option, as it’s quite handy.

Then, some thugs will show up. Deliver a quick beatdown—they aren’t very tough, in my experience, at this point in the game or really any other—and you’ll be set to close out the substory with a laugh.

At this point, you’ll acquire the Street Surfer and the first of three battery packs for it. You can also now access the surfboard-shaped charging stations around the world, in both Hawaii and later locations in Japan, which let you charge the Street Surfer in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth for a fee.

The Street Surfer is a really great way to get around the massive open world of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, so make good use of it. And if you find yourself stopping quite frequently, consider dropping some cash on getting the other two battery packs. They’re worth the investment.

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