Berserk Boy looks like a high-speed spin on Mega Man Zero

Berserker barrage!

Berserk Boy

If you’re a fan of the Mega Man Zero series but always thought it was a tad slow, you’ll want to keep an eye on Berserk Boy. The action-platformer from the appropriately-named BerserkBoy Games is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on March 6. 

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Ahead of its release, the devs have shared a new trailer that confirms the launch date and shows off a bunch of fast-paced action. Throw in a mix of Saturday morning anime cinematics and you have a pretty compelling reason to go berserk yourself.

Berserk Boy is Mega Man meets Sonic the Hedgehog

True to its inspirations, which appear to range from the Mega Man series to Sonic the Hedgehog, Berserk Boy ticks all the expected bullet points. There’s jumping, dashing, and sliding. There are different abilities to harness and toggle between, including Lightning, Fire, Earth, Air, and Ice. There’s even a mad scientist and his “army of darkness” to contend with. I’m a simple man, I don’t ask for much more of a setup than that. 

The tunes have a solid pedigree to them, too. The Berserk Boy soundtrack comes from Tee Lopes, known for work on Streets of Rage 4, Sonic Mania, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, and more. The real standout for me, though, is the speed. It looks like there’s a nice mix of combo-chaining, acrobatic challenges and, of course, rail-sliding. We’ll see if it lives up to all the games that paved the way for it when Berserk Boy lands this March.  

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