Make sure to change this rollback setting in Tekken 8 ASAP

Make online fights a little more responsive.

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A good connection is key to playing fighting games online. And you might want to change your rollback netcode setting in Tekken 8 ASAP, to ensure you’ve got the most responsive option available.

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Tekken 8 utilizes rollback netcode, a version of fighting game netcode that’s essentially predictive. There are a lot of explainers about it online, but essentially, it’s a net-positive for the community that more games adopt it. Tekken 8 has specific settings for it though, and one in particular determines how “fluid” your rollback is.

You’ll want to ensure your rollback setting is set to Prioritize Response. While “Prioritize Fluidity” reduces any frame skipping, creating a potentially smoother visual experience, the responsiveness will aim to have better input response. Basically, your button slamming will be closer to what it should be. And that’s what we want!

How to change your rollback setting in Tekken 8

From the start menu, make your way down and towards the Options setting, trying not to get distracted by the bare-chested Kazuya Mishima on the way there.

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Then, flip over to the Game Option Settings tab. This is where your goal is hiding.

Screenshot by Destructoid

Once again summoning a strength of will to stay focused on the task at hand, navigate down to Rollback Setting in Tekken 8 and flip it over to Prioritize Response. Bam. Now you can gaze into Kazuya’s ey- I mean, play online with responsiveness in the priority. Yup. That’s what this guide was about.

Enjoy your online Tekken 8 play with this rollback setting locked in. It should make things easier, especially for those playing across great distances and hoping to still hit their links.

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