Tekken 8 gets a fix after crashes plague launch night

Let the battle begin… again.

Tekken 8 is the most anticipated January 2024 game

Bandai Namco has issued an update this morning, addressing matchmaking errors and crashes that popped up on launch night for Tekken 8.

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The latest entry in the Tekken series went live last night, and I hopped on for a few rounds with friends myself—said pals were playing on PC, and I was on PlayStation 5. It was quite surprising when we continuously ran into issues with crashing while trying to create and run an online lobby match. Whether PC-to-PC, or on crossplay, both platforms kept seeing crashes.

It doesn’t look like we were alone in this, either. Players were posting about it on various social forums, sites were starting to write about it, and Katsuhiro Harada himself made a statement. Per the Tekken official account, it was due to “a high concentration of users connecting to matching and competition servers.” Which reads to me as, dang, Tekken 8 might have been a bit more popular at launch than they expected. Anecdotally, I saw it hovering in the top sellers of Steam last night, so that’s something.

An update is live for Tekken 8 matchmaking

Now, this morning, the Tekken team says a fix is live, and online experiences “should now be much smoother.”

“Errors and crashes that occurred during online matching and matches have been resolved by server modifications and enhancements,” said Harada in a post this morning. “Thank you for your cooperation in reporting!”

That’s good news for Tekken fans, including myself. Because honestly, when the game was live and working, I was having a blast with Tekken 8. I know we’re in an upswing era for fighting games right now, but Tekken was the series that weathered the storm of harsher years for brawlers; Tekken 7 was, at least for me, always a respite during leaner years for fighting games.

So legitimately, I’m hoping this fix bandages all the problems, because I’m quite eager to get back to working on my Jun Kazama. Here’s hoping the servers are now stable enough to support some Good Ass Tekken.

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