How to get Rainbow Fragments in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Find the rainbow connection.

Upgrading weapons is key to staying ahead of the power curve in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Some of the better weapons early on require some rare goods, and that includes one particular resource: Rainbow Fragments.

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When you’re trying to gear up Ichiban and the crew, Rainbow Fragments can be handy for getting better tools in their hands. It’s not immediately clear, however, where the best place to get these fragments is. Here’s our best methods for locating some.

Where to find Rainbow Fragments

The short answer is that Rainbow Fragments, much like other geological resources in Infinite Wealth, are scattered about all around the game. I’ve found some in battles, and picked some up in the open world. There is one place where I consistently ran into Rainbow Fragments, though: the dungeons.

Both Hawaii and Ijincho are home to special dungeon crawls, with both Ichiban and Kiryu getting their own series of floors to delve into and master. Alongside battle rewards in these dungeons, the party will sometimes find fragments lying around on the ground. You’ll know you’re near one when someone audibly comments on it.

The dungeons are the best way of farming Rainbow Fragments early on. Even if you don’t find a ton on the ground or in battle rewards, the dungeon points—Robo Disks in the Hawaiian Haunt, and Geomijul Survey Data in Ijincho—can be exchanged for Rainbow Fragments too.

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Head back to the dungeon keeper for the area, and you can exchange these for some Rainbow Fragments, as well as any other crafting materials you might be looking for.

Between building up the Disks/Survey Data and finding some in the area, the twin dungeons are easily the fastest way to quickly accrue Rainbow Fragments in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Happy crafting!

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