How to get Rainbow Geode in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Geode, dude.

Crafting weapons is a key factor in keeping up with the power of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth‘s enemies. And to make those weapons, you’ll need some of the rare crafting resources around the world of Infinite Wealth, including Rainbow Geode.

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The slightly rarer and higher-level version of Rainbow Fragments, Rainbow Geodes contribute to making some of the stronger mid-to-late-game options in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. To get some, though, you’ll need to source it from around the open world.

Where to find Rainbow Geode

Rainbow Geode can, theoretically, be found in various places. I’ve picked a few up from battles, for example. But the most consistent source of Rainbow Geode in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be from the two dungeons, in Ijincho and Hawaii.

Rainbow Geode can be won from battles and found on the ground in the dungeons, a.k.a. the Hawaii Haunt and the Yokohama Underground. Head to lower (geographically, not literally) areas to find more. Typically, I was finding Rainbow Geodes in the high-level areas that required me to be around the 40s or higher to complete.

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You’ll find them in batches of two here, alongside other elemental Geodes useful for crafting weapons. If you don’t find enough Rainbow Geode for your Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth crafting needs on the ground, then head back up and talk to the dungeon keeper. They’ll let you exchange the dungeon currency, either Robo Disks or Survey Data, for materials of your choice.

Plus, you can cash in a few extra bits of currency for CDs from Phantasy Star. Which like, yes, you should obviously do that. But also get yourself some Rainbow Geode so you can craft a nice, new weapon too.

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