When can you leave Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, explained

Escape the vacation.

Dondoko is a little slice of paradise, a respite from all the action and drama of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Ichiban is brought there during the course of the story, and it seems like he may never want to leave Dondoko Island.

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Well, if you the player want to leave and not engage with the minigame, it’ll take some time. RGG Studio tasks the player with doing at least a few things on the island before they’re allowed to skedaddle and get back to the story at hand. If you’re keen to know when you can do just that, here’s when.

When can you return from Dondoko Island, explained

After recording his video and getting knocked out, then awoken on Dondoko Island, Ichiban will be stuck in place for a little while. The local NPCs promise to get him set up with a way back to Hawaii, but for now, they recruit Ichiban to help with restoring the resort to its originally intended glory.

This takes a few calendar days. The game will run you through a series of tutorials, teaching you all about how cleaning up the island works, what to do with resources, and even building some buildings and fending off pirate attacks.

Eventually, Matayoshi will offer to show Ichiban something down by the docks. This is where he introduces Dolphine, a local dolphin who offers free rides between the island resort and Hawaii.

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Once you’ve met her, you’ll be able to flee Dondoko and never look back. Or not! Either way, you now have an easy method of transit to and from Dondoko Island, so you can get back to doing all those important story missions.

Or just stay here, forever, building the world’s greatest resort, and simply realize that this was the true endgame of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth all along. It’s Dondoko all the way down.

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