Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Miss Match guide – How to build the best profile

Meet your match.

Love can be difficult to find, especially if you’re caught up in a whirlwind conspiracy surrounding your long-lost mother. Thankfully, Ichiban has the Miss Match app in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth to help him get his groove back. Or at least get a few practice dates in before the next disaster.

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The Miss Match app is introduced in Chapter 5, after running into the proprietor Machiko-san and starting Substory 7: Miss Match. This Tinder-like app is for chatting with the various women on the app, in hopes of meeting up with them. If you want Ichiban to find some love in a hopeless place, you’ll need to set everything up right.

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All about the profile

Finding a match, and starting off on the right foot, is all about the profile. You want your Miss Match profile to roughly match up with the type of girl you want to meet; so if you’re trying to get the sporty type, make sure your profile exudes that.

The “job” and activities sections obviously help there, but small things can help tick you from 60 or 70% match rating up to 90% or higher. That number isn’t crucial to making a match, but it is important for starting off on the right foot.

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The higher your Match Rating percentage is, the better chance you have of connecting right off the bat and getting a head-start towards that heart.

If you ever need to double-check what requirements you need, you can either view their profile and edit your own to roll a better match, or look at your past matches in the menus to see what they look. Focus on keywords: if they’re an active person, they might enjoy that in another person too.

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Don’t forget what you wrote

Now, this is crucial: you might be changing your job and other information to get a higher match rating, but the Miss Match app will grill you about it. Frequently in conversations, the girls will ask you about your job or other aspects of your personality, and if you say something wrong, you might get a bad result.

While job is fairly easy to remember, try to keep all the aspects of the profile you’ve created in mind. Is this a little strange? Absolutely. But Ichiban’s desperate. Cut him some slack.

If you ever need help remembering what the matched girls are into, you can check their profiles. Four quadrants will fill in with their respective characteristics, with info like “worldly” and “café-hopping” giving you some insight into how to build your profile.

There is no one-size-fits-all profile, so make sure to cater it to whichever girl you’re trying to woo. It’s like a resume! Except, y’know, for dating rather than employment.

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