Where to find Hawaiian Cosmetics in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Locating a hard-to-find gift.

Bonds are an important thing. And for certain NPCs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth you’ll need some Hawaiian Cosmetics in order to deepen those bonds. Gift giving is a fast way to make friends, after all.

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Several NPCs throughout Infinite Wealth can be talked to and, eventually, receive gifts. Much like a Persona game, you can provide said gifts to increase your connection with them, ultimately inching towards a resolution. So far, I’ve found that Laura at the Vocational School and Julie at the Gearworks shop both have these bonds, and will both ask for Hawaiian Cosmetics.

Finding those cosmetics isn’t exactly spelled out for you, though. While flowers can be found the flower shops, there aren’t exactly boutiques waiting for Ichiban and co. to pass by. Here’s where to find Hawaiian cosmetics.

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Find the Hawaiian Cosmetics at the Seaworthy Treasures

Head over to the east side of Honolulu in Hawaii, just southwest of Resolve, and you’ll find Seaworthy Treasures. It’s there that you can pick up Hawaiian Cosmetics, at the reasonable price of $48.00 a pop.

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That price is fairly reasonable, especially since I found myself awash in cash by the end of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Pick the Hawaiian Cosmetics up here, and you can take them with you to your gift recipient of choice.

Honestly, just buy out the stock while you’re at Seaworthy Treasures. Same goes for the flower shops. Having these gifts handy means never having to fret about locating the shops again.

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