Destiny 2’s best shader is coming back in a limited capacity

Missed out on the matte black shader? It’s coming back.

Destiny 2 fashion aficionados, you have something to get pumped about before The Final Shape. That’s because, arguably, the best weapon shader is returning to the game via the upcoming Riven’s Wishes content. I’m talking about Twilight Keepsake, the matte black one. So, while you may have all the Starcats and every Wish-Keeper Catalyst, there’s still something to look forward to during the next expansion’s lengthy delay. It’s especially true for anyone who missed out on Twilight Keepsake the first and only other time it was available in-game.

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Twilight Keepsake is a shader that can only be applied to crafted weapons. Further, it is only usable after reforging or initially crafting a weapon of choice with a Lost Memento. The Lost Memento and, by proxy, Twilight Keepsake shader originally made their debut during 2023’s Festival of the Lost, attainable only by participating in the festivities. The thing is, something else happened right around Halloween in 2023: the layoffs at Bungie. While nothing prevented players from playing Destiny 2, the recycled activities and disheartening news didn’t exactly draw crowds.

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Thankfully, Twilight Keepsake will transcend the link to that terrible event and become widely available to players starting January 30. Alongside that Tuesday reset, Riven’s Wishes will arrive in-game. Riven’s Wishes are weekly quests that players can nab from Mara Sov, paying out some solid rewards. According to Bungie, one of these weekly objectives might ask you to delve into Legendary Lost Sectors or complete Dungeon runs. That said, it seems like they will be focused and set in the Dreaming City. The best part is that players get to choose their rewards.

So what can you get for undertaking one of Riven’s Wishes? Well, of course, Lost Mementos are on the table, or else, you know, I wouldn’t be writing this article. Other than that, there are plenty of goodies up for grabs. There’s the option for a red-bordered Raid weapon from Last Wish, a piece of Exotic armor from Lightfall, and even the other super-rare weapon shader from 2023: Rime Keepsake via Dawning Mementos. Oh, there’s also the option for Ascendant Shards, Ascendant Alloys, and Exotic Ciphers, but I couldn’t imagine wasting one of Riven’s Wishes on those.

All in all, Bungie says that players will get six weeks of Riven’s Wishes. However, it does note that they’ll be available to complete “up through The Final Shape‘s release.” So, there’s no rush to finish the Wishes as soon as they’re available. Players have time to tackle them before the next expansion releases in June. As for me, I’ll be using all six of my Wishes on those sweet sweet Lost Mementos.

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