Smash Bros-inspired roguelite Spiritfall leaves Early Access on February 28

Brawl ’til you fall.


If you feel recent roguelite games have been missing that platform fighter touch, Spiritfall is here to answer the call. Developer Gentle Giant’s action game takes notes from Super Smash Bros., Brawlhalla, and similarly hectic platform fighter fare, and it’s set to launch in full on February 28, 2024.

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Spiritfall has been available in Early Access since April 3, 2023, and has garnered ‘Very Positive’ reviews from players in the months since. The release date news came along with a new animated trailer that shows off some slick cinematics and a sample of the fast-paced action at the heart of it all. 

When Spiritfall shared its Early Access update roadmap back in November, the devs detailed a few of the additions on the way to the full version. These include the final region and boss fight along with a new optional boss, fifth alternate weapon form, all challenge levels, and “more surprises.” Gentle Giant has stayed pretty active in updating the game since it became available, knocking out 10 monthly content updates on top of the usual intermittent hotfixes. 

Even if you haven’t played it for yourself yet, you can certainly see that platform brawler style at work in the trailer. Spiritfall combines that frantic fighting with roguelite features such as randomly generated maps and the ability to unlock new powers, upgrade skills, and gather a bunch of weapons to make the going a little less tough for each successive run. Brawlhalla by way of Dead Cells will no doubt be enough of a hook for most to at least dip their toes in what this one has to offer.  

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