Bullet Hell Collection, Jets’n’Guns Complete Collection coming to Switch this year

Shmup Week is officially underway!

Void Gore

Shmup fans are gonna be eating good this year, because Red Art Games kicked off its first Shmup Week event with two announcements. Both Bullet Hell Collection: Volume 1 and Jets’n’Guns Complete Collection are set to launch on Switch sometime in Q3 2024.

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Bullet Hell Collection: Volume 1 includes Void Gore, Project Starship, and Z-WARP, all of which are on screen-filling display in the announcement trailer below.

In addition to the standard physical release, the first Bullet Hell Collection will be available in a Deluxe Edition that packs the games with one of three keychains, a poster, and reversible cover art. 

True to its title, Jets’n’Guns Complete Collection includes both Jets’n’Guns games by developer Rake in Grass (Rampage Knights, Silent Sector). Those who opt for all the bonuses will get the game along with a keychain, reversible cover, and a CD containing Machinae Supremacy’s original soundtrack. Like the standard versions, the Deluxe Editions of both games are priced at €39.99, but these are exclusively up for pre-order at the Red Art Games website. 

Here’s a look at both games in action:

Beyond that, it sounds like Shmup Week has some more surprises waiting in the wings. Red Art Games teased an announcement “coming straight from Japan” for Thursday, January 11 at 5:00 p.m. CET. There’s also the previously-delayed Shinorubi, which finally locked in a January 12 launch date from Red Art Games last month. That’s right around the corner digitally with a physical Switch release to follow at a later date. 

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