Warframe Dante Unbound update set for March, adds 56th Warframe

Dante and his magical grimoire, Noctua

During the Warframe Devstream 176, developer Digital Extremes revealed plans for the next big update, Dante Unbound. Scheduled to release in March 2024, the update will bring the 56th Warframe to the popular action RPG MMO.

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Warframe Dante
Image via Digital Extremes

56th Warframe: Dante, Master of Reality’s Pages

The highlight of the new update is of course the new Warframe, Dante. Described as a classic-MMO caster, Dante is accompanied by his own Exalted Weapon, Noctua. A Dante-bound Grimoire, Noctua obliterates enemies by pelting them with spectral pages and cursed paper cuts. I have to admit, being cut up by cursed pages of a magical spellbook sounds pretty brutal.

The living sandstorm Warframe Inaros is also getting a long overdue rework with the update, with full details on the rework to come soon.

Quality-of-life updates and return of TennoGen

TennoGen, a unique system in Warframe comprised of unique customizations created by fellow Warframe players, is finally making a return in the March update. TennoGen is essentially a collaborative program between community artists and Digital Extremes developers to add purchasable cosmetics to the game while sharing revenue with the artists who created them.

The TennoGen system has been updated, and will now accept submissions under the new Entrati style that was added in the recent Whispers in the Walls update that was released in December. Fans will now be able to create Warframe skins, Weapon skins, Operator accessories, Landing Craft skins, and more as part of Tennogen.

Dante looks like a pretty cool caster Warframe, so I’m excited to hear more. The Dante Unbound update for Warframe will release in March 2024.

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