How to cook food in Enshrouded

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How to cook food in Enshrouded

Adventuring through the Shroud in Enshrouded can be pretty challenging, especially if you are solo. Fel enemies plagued by the Shroud hit hard, and are quite crafty. You can really use every advantage you can get, which is why knowing how to cook food in Enshrouded is so important so you can get some buffs.

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Enshrouded Cooking Guide
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Cooking food in Enshrouded

In order to start cooking food, you’re going to need two things: something to cook on, and something to cook. The first thing you can cook on is a simple Stone Fireplace, which you can craft at a Workbench. Once you have a Workbench, you can craft a Stone Fireplace with the following materials:

Stone Fireplace

  • 6 Stone
  • 2 Wood Logs

Both of those materials are incredibly easy to get. Mine rocks around the area using a pickaxe to get Stone, and chop trees with an axe to get Wood Logs.

Once you’ve crafted a Stone Fireplace, place it inside your home because it will give you a +2 Comfort level as well which further buffs you.

Next, you want something you can cook. The easiest thing is raw meat of any type. You can get raw meat by killing any wild animal including rabbits and wolves, and then looting it.

Take the meat to your Stone Fireplace and hit the ‘E’ key to interact with it. Make sure the raw meet is on your hotkey bar, then push its respective hotkey to begin cooking it. After a few seconds, you will see the graphic of the raw meat darken and it will place a sound of it cooking. This means the meat is grilled and ready to be consumed, so release the hotkey to stop cooking it. If you keep it over the Stone Fireplace much longer it will burn and no longer be edible.

What do you get from cooking food?

Food in Enshrouded is very important as it gives you powerful buffs. Each food type gives a different buff, with higher-quality foods giving you better buffs. If you look atthe screenshot above, Grilled Wolf Meat provides +2 Constitution for 20 minutes. This is huge as that equates to 100 HP, giving you a ton of survivability for a rather simple task of cooking some food.

As you can see, knowing how to cook food in Enshrouded can really pay off and help provide the buffs you need to progress through more challenging content.

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