How to repair items in Enshrouded

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How to repair in Enshrouded

Anytime you use an item in Enshrouded, it gains some wear and tear. Wearing armor and getting hit while using it will cause it to degrade over time, as well as using weapons to attack things. This includes using your weapons to break objects down. Tools such as Axes and Pickaxes will also be worn from use. In order to prevent them from breaking, you’ll need to know how to repair items in Enshrouded.

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How to repair items in Enshrouded
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Where do you repair items in Enshrouded

It’s very easy to repair your items in Enshrouded. In fact, once you’ve built a Flame Altar, put it down, and built a Workbench, you’ll always be able to repair items. Simply head to a workbench and interact with it—the default key is E—to open the crafting window. Once you’re at this window, everything you have in your inventory and equipped is instantly repaired to full! It’s that easy!

As you can see from the screenshot above, you will get a notification on the left side of your screen after repairing that lets you know all of your items have been repaired. Once that pops up, you’re good to go!

What happens when an item runs out of durability?

If you fail to repair an item in time and it runs out of durability, you will not be able to use it. That being said, you cannot completely break an item, so do not worry about that. An item with no durability can’t be used but you can still take it to a workbench and repair it, and then be able to use it again.

It’s that easy! That’s how to repair items in Enshrouded, which will restore an items durability and allow you to continue using it.

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