How to get Lockpicks in Enshrouded

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How to get Lockpicks in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, Lockpicks are helpful for getting into locked chests and locked doors. Even though Lockpicks can be tricky to find lying around in the world, thankfully there is another option. Here is how to get Lockpicks in Enshrouded so you can lockpick into anything that is locked.

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How to get Lockpicks in Enshrouded
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How to craft Lockpicks in Enshrouded

While it may be possible to find the occasional Lockpick lying around or on a corpse in Enshrouded, the best way to get them is by crafting. While you can craft a Lockpick at a Workbench, you can also craft it from anywhere using manual crafting in your inventory. Simply hit the ‘V’ key to open the Manual Crafting window.

To craft a Lockpick, you will need two Metal Scraps. Unfortunately, Metal Scraps aren’t something you can easily farm like say Wood Logs or Stones, but they aren’t super rare or anything either. You can obtain Metal Scraps primarily by breaking down objects in the world. You can use any weapon to do so, but Axe usually works best due to its bonus damage for breaking things down. Just look for any world objects like barrels, carts, and boxes. Sometimes when you break these things down, a few Metal Scraps will pop out. If you don’t see any in your immediate area, you may have to venture into the Shroud to find some things to break down.

Keep in mind that each time you use a Lockpick to unlock a chest, it is consumed. Because Lockpicks are a consumable item and not unlimited use, you will need to craft more to open more chests.

Are Lockpicks worth using on locked chests?

Metal Scrapes which are used to craft Lockpicks are actually used to craft a lot of things. That being said, so far I haven’t found anything super valuable from using my Lockpicks on locked chests. A couple of potions or some decent weapons, but definitely not anything special. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to hold off until you have a nice surplus of Metal Scraps.

Of course, later in Enshrouded the available loot in locked chests may be more worthwhile.

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