Is Palworld heading to Nintendo Switch?

Is Palworld portable?

Is Palworld on Switch?

Palworld on Nintendo Switch would be spectacular as you can take this survival game on-the-go. Currently, the early access game is available on Xbox and PC systems.

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Can we play Palworld on Nintendo Switch?

Palworld on Nintendo Switch is currently only a pipe dream, as the monster-collecting survival game isn’t on Nintendo’s handheld. Furthermore, there are no current plans to bring the game to the system. In a recent Steam Q&A, Pocketpair said the game’s being considered for PS5. No words were given about the Switch.

Could this game run on a Switch?

It can be argued that Palworld on the Switch would be impossible. The system requirements are pretty hefty on PC. It needs at least 16GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX 1050 (2GB) for its graphics card. This is way above what a Switch can handle. A rumored successor, however, might be able to run the game.

Other open world games like Saint’s Row: The Third and The Outer Worlds struggle to run on the system. Ark: Survival Evolved had a rocky launch but after its 2022 update, it has reportedly run well for players with a solid 30 frames per second. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt also impresses Switch owners with its wide open world and decent visual fidelity.

Concerns about Palworld

Some concerns have been raised over Palworld and how similar its monsters are to similar creatures in the Pokémon series. Putting those two in the same figurative room could be a little messy.

If the game releases on Nintendo Switch, it could draw negative attention from the console manufacturer and The Pokémon Company itself, but that is just speculation. Competing with Pokémon on its own platform could cause quite the stir, even if the games are different in how they actually play.

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