How to catch Vixy in Palworld

Awww they’re so adorable!

Palworld Vixy location

Vixy is one of the first Pals you’ll stumble upon in Palworld. They’re patrolling around a nearby area from your initial camp, but the little fox is easy to miss if you aren’t looking close.

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Vixy in Palworld location
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Vixy in Palworld location

You can spot Vixy in Palworld by patrolling around the south of Rayne Syndicate Tower, which holds a powerful boss behind its doors. It’s also northwest of your initial base in the game and southeast of the Desolate Church fast-travel location.

This cute Pal can be found around the river. I saw a pair of them crossing a bridge on my way. They are also located on the southern beach north of the fossils in the sea.

How to catch Vixy

These Vixy are fairly low-level, so they should be easy to deal with. In fact, make sure you have some Pals around Level 5 when on this journey and get a weak spear to accompany them. They’re pretty easy to handle and won’t run away that fast due to their small stature. Get them to a weaker level with your spear or a weak Pal, then throw a sphere.

What can Vixy help with?

Vixy is an adorable Pal that can help around your base. The fox creature is good with gathering and farming, but it’s only a Level 1. It’s great for beginner players, however. If you butcher the Vixy (you monster) or kill them in the open field, you’ll get bones and leather as drops.

Make sure you take care of the Vixy, as the game says it’s the “idol of Palpagos Island.” The Paldeck states, “If you bully a Vixy, you best be prepared to become enemies with the whole world.” There doesn’t seem to be an in-game reaction, on the other hand.

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