How to rename your Pals in Palworld

Here comes Sephiroth…the Gumoss.

You can rename your pals in Palworld

Just like Pokemon, you can rename your Pals in Palworld. You can give them goofy names like Sephiroth, Gherkin, or even Destructoid if you want to!

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Where can you rename your Pals in Palworld

Fortunately, you won’t need a name rater to rename your Pals in Palworld. It’s a much simpler process in this game. Go to your menu and select the Party screen. Then click on the Pal you want to give a nickname. To the left of their gender and above their type, you’ll see a blue button labeled “Edit.” Check this.

Now, you can rename your Pal to whatever you’d like. Gumoss looks silly with its tongue hanging out, so let’s call him Silly Billy. On this screen, you can check out their Active and Passive Skills. Silly Billy’s Sand Blast really came in handy for the first boss in the game Zoe & Grizzbolt as the Pal is an electric type.

Can you mount pals?

In some instances, you can indeed ride pals. Silly Billy’s too small, but Pals like Eikthyrdeer and Pacapaca can be ridden after crafting a Saddle. This makes the game far easier to travel through, and you can use each Pal’s ability while riding it. The water-type Celeray lets you hold onto their fins, so you can glide across the area, Link-style.

You can craft these helpful saddles by making a Pal Gear Workbench. It’s available to make during the early parts of the game. You just need to unlock it through the Technology tab on the main menu.

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