Palworld Zoe & Grizzbolt Boss Fight Guide – Rayne Syndicate Tower

Get ready to be zapped.

The Palworld Grizzbolt boss fight is certainly tough and will need plenty of preparation. Here’s how to beat it with the correct type of Pals.

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How to beat Zoe & Grizzbolt in Palworld
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How to prepare for the Palworld Grizzbolt boss

In Palworld, the Zoe & Grizzbolt boss fight is located in the Rayne Syndicate Tower. Before you enter inside, however, you should have the following:

  • Level 12-15 Pals in your party
  • A bow with plenty of arrows
  • Armor that’s fully repaired and not damaged (unlike my character at the time)
  • Weapons, also fully repaired
  • 2-3 ground-type Pals in your party

The ground-type Pals I chose for this battle include a few Gumoss, which roam near the first tower you come across and close to your initial camp. I leveled them up to 12, but if you want an easier time with this boss fight, get them up to 15. I also brought an Arsox, which I rescued from a nearby Syndicate camp.

How to beat Zoe & Grizzbolt

When you enter the Rayne Syndicate Tower, you’ll have ten minutes to beat Zoe & Grizzbolt. Get your ground-type Pal straight away to face off against this electric type. It’s Grizzbolt’s weakness. As you’re running around, get your bow and arrow and hit Grizzbolt’s head, aiming for Zoe, causing extra damage.

As the battle continues, your initial pal might be losing health. Press E to recall it and bring out another ground type. Similar to Marvel vs. Capcom, their health recovers as they’re recalled. You can switch between your ground types or other Pals like Eikthyrdeer to keep the battle going.

As Grizzbolt sends electric bolts toward your character, dodge their attacks with a roll. You can perform it by pressing the Left CTRL key. You could say it’s “super effective” at keeping them safe. When you see a red laser coming from Grizzbolt, hide behind a pillar. Otherwise, it will be difficult to dodge past.

Keep switching your ground types and get some headshots with your bow and arrow, and you should defeat Grizzbolt. The fight rewards 5 Ancient Technology Points for your troubles, if this is your first kill.

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