How to challenge the boss at Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld – Where to find the tower

The first boss looms in the tower.

Rayne Syndicate Tower Palworld

The Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld is where you’ll find your first boss to take on. You’ll want to make sure you’re prepared, however.

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Rayne Syndicate Tower location in Palworld
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Where is the Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld?

Thankfully, the Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld isn’t too far, and there’s a fast-travel statue nearby. From the base where you begin your journey, go northwest. Follow down the path past the Grassy Behemoth Hills. You’ll see a tower in the distance with a symbol resembling a circle with a line above and below it. It’s glowing in a blue light. This is your destination.

By the way, you can use your Pals as mounts to get around the world faster.

Be sure to be prepared

To prepare for the upcoming battle, ensure you’re well prepared. Have a bow with many arrows ready or have a few spears ready to go in case one breaks. Make sure your Pals are leveled up to at least Level 15 and have a varied team as well.

Some of the strongest Pals in the area include Eikthyrdeer and Foxparks, which provide elemental damage like fire and water. However, you’ll want to use ground-type Pals as the boss is weak to that element. I tried to beat it without them, and I was only able to get rid of a third of the boss’ health.

If you want to go back to your base to prepare, the fast travel point is to the left of the staircase just before reaching the tower. If you fail (and you likely will), you should know that all the items you drop will be left outside of the tower. Interact with the bag outside and press the X key to take everything. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the rest of your Palworld adventure.

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