About Me

Hello, I’m Brandon Smith, the founder of Allabouttool. I have been working as a woodworker for 15 years, and I am passionate about tools and home improvement products.

I created this website to share my expertise and experience with others who share my passion for DIY and home improvement projects. As a woodworker, I have used countless tools and equipment over the years, and I know the importance of using the right tool for the job.

I have always enjoyed researching and testing new tools, and I love sharing my insights and experiences with others. That’s why I started writing reviews and sharing them on Allabouttool.

My reviews are based on hands-on experience and thorough research. I take pride in providing honest and unbiased opinions to help my readers make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing tools and equipment.

In addition to my passion for woodworking and tools, I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, and camping. I believe that being close to nature helps me stay grounded and inspired.

Thank you for choosing Allabouttool as your trusted source for tool and equipment reviews. I hope that my passion and expertise will help you find the perfect tools for your next project.