Band Saw vs Table Saw

Band Saw vs Table Saw [Features Comparison]

Are you setting up a workshop for the first time, or are you a hobbyist woodworker and confused between a band saw vs Table Saw? The table saw’s versatility is attracting you toward it, and the comfort of the band saw is also appealing! Competition is tough; what should you go for?

We bring forth a comprehensive comparison between the table saw, and the band saw. Explore the article to learn all the benefits and drawbacks of each saw. And by the end of this article, it will be clear to you which machine you need to buy now. 

You might not know the difference between a table saw and a band saw. Both are entirely different machines with distinct design features and have specific advantages.

Depending on the tasks you need to do and the cuts you have to make, you’ll prefer the one offering those particular features. Let us take a look at the characteristics of each saw. 

Band Saw vs Table Saw

The main difference between Band Saw and Table Saw is depending upon the user For your convenience, I’ve included a summary table. This table is based on the reviews of customers:

ScenarioThe Table SawThe Band Saw
For beginnersNot recommendedHighly recommended
Woodcutting SuitableNot suitable
Metal cutting Not suitableHighly recommended
Straight cutsHighly recommendedNot recommended
Curve cutsNot suitableSuitable
Safety A little bit riskySafer to use
Operate Demands skill to operateEasy operate system
SpaceIts massive body occupies more spaceIt can stand against the wall, occupying less space

Detailed Comparison of Band Saw vs Table Saw

Quality of cut

The table saw gives incredibly accurate and presided angled cuts if fitted with a sliding table. A table saw excels at making straight as well as parallel cuts.

For this reason, it’s a must-have in most cabinet and furniture workshops; when cutting plywood to size or ripping hardwood to width for cabinets, the majority of cuts are straight. And the table saw is the machine that is needed the most. 

On the other hand, band saws do not give that level of perfection; they can make long, straight cuts, but they are not much more effective because of their narrow, flimsy blades. They have their own specialty of making curve cuts smoothly.

Blade Change

The blade of the table saw protrudes out of the table and is mounted on the arbor. And it is really very easy to change blades. 

When you are working with a wide range of materials, you want to change the blade as rapidly as possible. And with the table saw, just undo the nut of the arbor and change it. 

The process of changing blades in the band saw is not that easy. It becomes really inconvenient when “tension,” “tracking,” “bearings,” and even the fence must all be reset to change the blade.

The solution is to set up more than one band saw with different-sized blades to suit various tasks. 

The Space

The table saw is considered the standard woodworking power tool. And if you are getting into woodworking, you must buy a table saw.

Still, sometimes, our limited space workshop does not allow us to bring a massive machine in it, as it demands a central position in the room, and everything else just kind of fits around it.  

On the contrary, A band saw sits up against the wall and takes up only a tiny fraction of the room. Even a large industrial bandsaw will take up the same amount of floor space as a hobbyist’s modest table saw. 


Table saws are more prone to kickbacks than any other power saw, and no doubt, a band saw is much safer to use than a table saw. 

The razor-sharp blade of the table saw is very much exposed, and the operator is more likely to get injured. And on top of that, the shorter the material, the more your hands are prone to bleeding. 

And the saw provides security with its blade guard. Most of the blade is covered, leaving only a tiny fraction of the blade exposed. If you are a beginner, the band saw is a safe choice for 


User satisfaction

All the discussion may boil down to the point with which the user is comfortable. If the user is experienced in cutting and has the skills to operate a heavy machine, the table saw is the one he should go for. There are many different types of table saw available as well. You can check as per your requirement.

But if the user wants a safer saw and wants to give curve angle cuts, the band saw is made for him. Please note that the band saw requires time-consuming manual adjustments to be mastered. 

Cutting lumber straight

If you are a beginner and your hands are shaky, the band saw provides accuracy and comfort. 

If the material to be cut is thick or long, the band saw is perfect for this job. Although the table saw blades are also adjustable and cut projects of a certain thickness, they are not suitable for cutting thick materials.

In conclusion

Which one you should choose depends on the task you want to get accomplished, and it also depends on the foot space of your workshop and the investment you want to make.

If you have a spacious garage or workshop and have an investment, you can feed your workshop with both.

But if not, then read the whole article thoroughly to decide which one you should go for. Because with a suitable power saw, you can perform any project with ease. 

Share your review of both saws in the comment box given below. 






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