Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

7 Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

Having a small gas-powered chainsaw can turn your daily yard work into something simpler and easy. Gasoline-powered chainsaws have been popular for small-scale cutting work and home use. There are hundreds of small chainsaws available on the market but not every one of them is perfect for home use.

They should be lightweight, efficient, versatile and safe to use, and able to easily cut through wood. With so many options available on the market, it has become hard to choose a suitable small gas-powered chainsaw. In this article, we have written top small gas-powered chainsaw reviews with an in-depth buying guide.

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Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

DesignBuyer’s GuideRetailer
Best Pick1. Husqvarna 16 Inch 435e-Best Overall Small chainsaw
Check Price
2. Poulan PL3816 16 Inch-Best Economical gas
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Staff Pick3. Husqvarna 440e 16 Inch-Best Premium quality chainsaw
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4. Echo CS271-T-Best Lightweight Chainsaw
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Budget Pick5. Remington RM4214CS-Best Professional-Grade Chainsaw
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6. Poulan Pro PR4016-Best 16 inch Chainsaw
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7. Yosoo 900W 12 Inch-Best Powerful Chainsaw
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1. Husqvarna 16 Inch 435e-Best Overall Small chainsaw

Best Pick


  • Dimensions: 37 x 9 x 11 inches.
  • Weight: 9.2 Pounds.
  • Power Source: Gas-powered.
  • Horsepower: 2.2 HP.

The Husqvarna 435e II comes with an x-cut chain and x-force bar that is lightweight and reliable enough to cut through wood sheets with ease. It is powered by gas and has a 40.9 cc two-cycle engine that utilizes fuel efficiently to get the maximum performance from every drop. The 16 inches chainsaw with guide bar and chain combined with the efficient engine cuts with the speed of 9000 RPM.

With an inertia-activated chain brake, it helps users to cut down materials while minimizing the risk of any permanent injury as it stops the blade on contact with skin. The best part of this chainsaw is its automatic chain oiler. This oiler helps to deliver a steady supply of bar along with chain oil. This saw also features a quick-release air filter,  that helps an easy cleaning and maintenance of the air filter. This chainsaw comes with gloves and a helmet providing safety precautions to help users cut without worrying about injuries.

An air injection system is present that keeps wood dust, debris from entering the air filter that prolongs the engine’s life. The handle is ergonomic and the chainsaw is made in such a way that it reduces vibrations to minimize the load on the user’s hand. This also helps get a better grip when you are cutting.


  • Utilizes low volume of fuel.
  • Anti-vibration.
  • Inertia activated brakes.
  • Air injection system.
  • High-speed cutting.


  • No tool-less chain tensioning.

To summarize, the Husqvarna 435e II is a modern chainsaw that has an ergonomic handle and a powerful engine that uses a low volume of fuel. It doesn’t compromise on the quality of cuts while it uses fuel efficiently. The air filter remains clean as it has a system that keeps dust, wood debris from entering the air filter. However, you need a tool for chain tensioning and it also requires some basic skills.

2. Poulan PL3816 16 Inch-Best Economical gas


  • Dimensions: 12 x 16 x 11.8 inches.
  • Weight: 15.42 Pounds.
  • Power Source: Gas-powered.
  • Engine: 38 cc 2-cycle.

It comes with a bar size of 16 inches and is powered by OxyPower technology that has low emission levels. With a powerful engine, it not only provides high power but also reduces fuel consumption for efficient cutting.

The super clean filtering system keeps the wood dust away from entering the air filter maximizing the performance of the engine. It keeps the bar and chain lubricated with oil due to the automatic-driven oiler. This reduces chances of wear and corroding of the engine minimizing maintenance time while prolonging the life of the engine. The handle has an ergonomic design and reduces vibrations so that the operator can feel at ease while holding it.

Furthermore, it comes with a primer bulb that draws fuel into the carburetor making it easier to start the engine. Nothing to worry about heavyweights as the chainsaw has a compact design and is lightweight. This combination makes it easier to use, cutting firewoods, tree limbs easily. It puts less fatigue on the operator with its steady handle and smooth vibration-less saw.


  • Automatic oiler.
  • Super clean filtering system.
  • Less maintenance is required.
  • Compact design.
  • Economical chainsaw.


  • Kill switch is hard to use.

In the final analysis, the Poulan PL3816 is the best small gas-powered chainsaw that comes with a 2-cycle powerful engine and a steady handle. It absorbs the vibration caused while cutting to put less fatigue on the operator. The only downside is that its kill switch is hard to push while you are cutting so you have to be careful about that.

3. Husqvarna 440e 16 Inch-Best Premium quality chainsaw

Staff Pick


  • Dimensions: 37 x 9 x 11 inches.
  • Weight: 9.8 Pounds.
  • Power Source: Gas-powered.
  • Horsepower: 2.4 HP.

The Husqvarna 440e is one of the best small gas-powered chainsaws that comes with a 40.9 cc 2 cycle engine. It comes with an inertia-activated chain brake making it ideal for cutting tree branches and wood. Also, it features an automatic chain oiler that provides the perfect amount of oil to the chain and bar all the time.

The automatic chain brake stops and shuts down the chainsaw within milliseconds when it comes in contact with the skin for the operator’s safety. As for cleaning, the quick-release air filter makes maintaining and cleaning easy. It also keeps the wood dust and debris away from entering the air filter to prolong the life of the engine. The compact and lightweight chainsaw has an ergonomic handle that absorbs the vibrations providing firm for the operator. It also reduces fatigue while the operator works for long hours.

The x-torque ensures there are minimum emissions while consuming less fuel maximizing the efficiency of the engine. It comes with gloves and a helmet as a safety precaution for the operator. The speed of 2900 RPM makes it ideal for cutting wood, tree branches, and other materials with high precision.

This chainsaw is perfect for heavy-duty trimming as it offers anti-vibration with a maximum speed of up to 9000 RPM while consuming fuel efficiently.


  • Efficient Engine.
  • Automatic oiler.
  • Safer to use.
  • Flexible and lightweight chainsaw.
  • Powerful with compact size.


  • A little expensive.

To conclude, the Husqvarna 440e is a self-lubricating and multi-layered chainsaw bar that cuts with high speed while utilizing fuel efficiently. You also get an idea of the amount of fuel present during your work. It comes with a 2-year warranty and despite being lightweight, it has quite a sturdy build. The only downside is that it is a little bit expensive but all the premium features make it worthy of its cost.

4. Echo CS271-T-Best Lightweight Chainsaw


  • Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 10 inches.
  • Weight: 10.18 Pounds.
  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered.
  • Blade Length: 12 inches.

The Echo CS271-T is the best lightweight chainsaw that comes with a 26.9cc 2-stroke engine. This engine makes it perfect for small tasks like pruning, shaping, trimming trees or plants. It comes with a 12 inches chainsaw bar with 8.1 oz fuel capacity that provides superb cutting performance. The anti-vibration handle puts minimum pressure on the operator’s hand while cutting. With a chainsaw oiler, it automatically provides oil to the chain and bars reducing wear and corrosion. 

The purge bulb constantly provides fresh fuel to the carburetor maximizing the engine’s efficiency. As far as safety is concerned, you get fair protection from its safety system. Because it has an inertia-operated brake, you get an instant safety and shut down of saw during any accident. The chrome-plated cylinder with a forged-steel rod provides a sturdy and durable build.

It comes with a G-Force engine pre-cleaner that minimizes the maintenance of the air filter up to 80%. 

The side-access chain tensioner allows the operator to make adjustments without requiring any tool. Further, a half throttle choke, makes starting this chainsaw easy and requires less power. You get 5 years consumer guarantee and a 1-year commercial guarantee. With a belt clip, you can easily carry it around your shoulder with ease.


  • 5-year warranty.
  • 2 stroke engine.
  • Anti-vibration handle.
  • Efficient air filter.
  • Throttle lock.


  • Only for small-scale works.

In conclusion, the Echo CS271-T is powered by a 26.9cc engine that has low fuel consumption with high performance. The air filter keeps the wood dust and other particles away from entering the engine prolonging its life. However, it can only be used for small-scale work and can’t survive while doing heavy-scale cutting.

5. Remington RM4214CS-Best Professional-Grade Chainsaw

Budget Pick


  • Dimensions: 27.5 x 9.75 x 11.25 inches.
  • Weight: 15.22 Pounds.
  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered.
  • Engine: 42cc 2-cycle engine.

The Remington RM4214CS comes with a powerful 2 cycle engine, 14 inches bar, and a chain making it perfect for heavy-grade cutting. It produces fewer vibrations while providing great power to cut through the toughest wood with ease. The build of this chainsaw is sturdy, durable, and lightweight while it doesn’t compromise on providing great power while cutting. It is made up of a polymer chassis that provides a comfortable grip to the operation by minimizing fatigue. This compact chainsaw is designed in such a way that it starts quickly, smoothly so that you can work on your project without any inconvenience. The auto chain oiler provides the right amount of oil to the chain and bar. You can also adjust the oiler to your preferred settings and the status of the oiler is also visible to you.

The 3-point anti-vibration system reduces the vibrations without compromising on providing power and helps the operator get a better grip on the chainsaw. It ensures that the balance and grip of the chainsaw remain perfectly fine while you are cutting.

The size of this chainsaw combined with a powerful engine makes it perfect for cutting trees, splitting logs, and other wood cutting tasks.


  • Durable.
  • Heavy-grade cutting.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Fewer vibrations.
  • Automatic oiler.


  • Oil feed is a bit slow.

To conclude, the Remington RM4214CS can help you cut wood, tree branches without worrying about filling oil or keeping the saw in one place. It comes with a high-end motor and 3-point vibration system so that you can easily cut through the toughest wood with ease. It automatically feeds oil to the bar and chain for smooth cuts. However, the speed of oil feed is a bit slower when compared to other gas-powered chainsaws on our list.

6. Poulan Pro PR4016-Best 16 inch Chainsaw


  • Dimensions: 22 x 10 x 11 inches.
  • Weight: 13 Pounds.
  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered.
  • Engine: 40cc 2 stroke engine.

The Poulan Pro PR4016 is a medium-duty gas-powered chainsaw with patented technology. It has efficient fuel usage and reduced emissions. The chainsaw uses OxyPower technology that provides incredible power while reducing harmful emissions by consuming fuel efficiently. An automatic oiler keeps the bar and chain lubricated all the time. This prolongs the life of the engine by reducing the wearing and maintenance required. It offers a superior filtering system that keeps the wood dust away from the air filter resulting in reduced fuel consumption. The spring-assisted pull cord is present with a purge bulb to help the operator start this chainsaw with fewer pulls. An advanced vibration system minimizes the impacts from vibration so that you can safely hold it while cutting.

The onboard scrench with a snap-lock cover provides easy access to the chain tensioning tool without requiring any tool. This 16-inch chainsaw comes with 2 stroke oil and makes cutting wood-related materials with precise and accurate cuts.

Also, this chainsaw has a quick start-up and stops when the spring-assisted pull cord is pressed.


  • 14 inches bar.
  • Efficient fuel consumption.
  • Better filtering system.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Chain tensioning tool.


  • Rough low idle.

In short, the Poulan Pro comes with patented technology and an automatic oiler making it perfect for medium-duty work. It has an air filtering system that makes engine fuel usage efficient while prolonging its life. The only downside is that you will need to make some adjustments for the low idle mixture.

7. Yosoo 900W 12 Inch-Best Powerful Chainsaw


  • Dimensions: ‎13.78 x 10.24 x 10.24 inches.
  • Weight: 10.4 Pounds.
  • Power Source: Gasoline-powered.
  • Horsepower: 900 Watts.

The Yosoo 900W is a powerful small gas-powered chainsaw that is ideal for cutting medium to large trees, trimming, pruning, and cutting tree branches. It has an ergonomic design that comes with anti-vibration technology to reduce fatigue on the operator while cutting. The handle is made in such a way that it reduces hand vibrations to keep a balance while cutting large wood. It offers a high-quality steel blade combined with a powerful motor making cutting firewood and trees easy. The cord retainer helps prevent sudden or unintended power disconnection while you are cutting. With a tool-less chain tensioner, you can adjust it according to the work you are doing to get the maximum performance out of this chainsaw.

The baffle is present that protects your arm from touching the running blade reducing the risk of injury. You can switch this mini gas chainsaw on and off using an air door switch whenever you need it. The lock when released activates a chain brake completely shutting down the chainsaw that is there as a safety precaution.

It has an oil tank capacity of 160ml and an automatic oiler that keeps the chainsaw and bar lubricated all the time.


  • Durable.
  • Powerful yet efficient.
  • Tool-less adjustments.
  • Easier to use.
  • Comfortable handle.


  • Requires a bit of adjustment before you can use it.

To summarize, the Yosoo 900W is a powerful chainsaw that can cut down medium-sized trees and firewoods with ease. It comes with an ergonomic handle that features vibration-absorbing so that operators can cut without disrupting their balance. The only downside is that it requires a bit of adjustment before you can start using it for cutting.

Buyer’s Guide-How to Choose Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

Using a chainsaw is a good way to cut wood and a chainsaw with both power and flexibility can help you get accurate cuts. Not all chainsaws are equal and you will need a chainsaw according to the task you need to do. If you choose a 14 inches chainsaw for cutting large trees, it can harm you. For that reason, here are some factors you should consider before choosing a small gas-powered chainsaw:

  • Engine
    The engine is the most important part of a gas-powered chainsaw and it provides power and spin to the blade. For a small chainsaw, you will need at least a 30cc engine for smooth cutting down of wood with high precision. As the power in cc increases, you can use the chainsaw for more depth cuts.
  • Chainsaw And Bar
    The chainsaw and the bar are part of the chainsaw responsible for cutting wood and for different work, you will need a different chainsaw and bar. For only pruning and cleaning brush, you will need only a 7 inches chainsaw. On the other hand, you will need at least a 14 inches chainsaw for cutting small trees, trimming trees, cutting tree branches, splitting logs and firewoods.
  • Safety
    Like any sharp tools, gas-powered chainsaws also involve risk and need special care during usage. 
    Choosing a safe and secure chainsaw is important as a chainsaw with an activated brake that stops the blade instantly in case of a mistake can be helpful. You should opt for a chainsaw that has certain safety measures if any mistake occurs.
  • Oiler
    The oiler is something that provides oil to the chainsaw, bar, and engine to keep them from wearing out and corrosion. An automatic oiler can constantly provide oil to the chainsaw, bar and engine to maximize efficiency. It also prolongs the life of the chainsaw so that you can work for long hours.
  • Air Filter
    The air filter keeps all the dust, debris away from entering the engine as they can damage the engine. To keep the engine functioning properly while cutting wood and covered in dust, you will need a good air filter in your chainsaw. So choose carefully, as a better air filter means better performance and low fuel consumption.

How A Small Gas-Powered Chainsaw Works?

A gas-powered chainsaw converts chemical energy locked in gasoline into mechanical energy to move the blade of the saw. Here are the steps to understand how exactly a gas-powered chainsaw works:

  1. You put the fuel into the chainsaw in chemical form and this fuel contains all the energy you will use to cut down things.
  2. The fuel transfers to the carburetor for mixing with air to start functioning.
  3. The air-fuel mixture is then pushed into a cylinder where the two-stroke engine starts working.
  4. A connecting rod and crank convert the to and fro motion into a circulatory motion.
  5. A drive shaft is present which takes that power into the centrifugal clutch.
  6. Gears are present that carry power from that centrifugal clutch to the sprocket that holds the chain.
  7. It makes the chain spin with the centrifugal clutch allowing you to cut trees, woods, and other materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which gas-powered chainsaw is the best?

The Husqvarna 435e proves to be the best gas-powered chainsaw due to its high-quality engine with a comfortable grip. It comes at a fair price and can cut down trees, tree branches, and shape them with ease.

Are small gas-powered chainsaws any good?

For small work like cutting firewoods, tree branches, or shaping plants or trees, you don’t need a large blade chainsaw, a small gas-powered chainsaw would be enough.


In the end, small gas-powered chainsaws are the best choice for small hobby work like cutting firewood, trimming tree branches, or cutting them. You only need a lightweight chainsaw for these tasks rather than a large blade chainsaw. You can choose by comparing the features and your requirements. In our experience:

Best Overall-Husqvarna 435e is the best small gas-powered chainsaw that comes with a two-cycle engine that is self-lubricating and multi-layered. It can cut through tree branches, trees, and firewoods with ease.

Best Economical-Poulan PL3816 is the best economical small gas-powered chainsaw that has an efficient engine with a comfortable handle that absorbs vibrations. It utilizes fuel efficiently and is a budget-friendly choice.

Best Premium-Husqvarna 440e is the best premium small gas-powered chainsaw that has the highest speed with a 40cc engine. It is the strongest chainsaw on our list but is a bit costly which makes it not suitable for everyone.






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