Best Table Saw under 500

10 Best Table Saw under $500

If you are running tight on budget, having one of the best table saw under $500 can save you money and time while giving you a professional tool for woodworking. 

As a woodworker, investing and speculating a table saw is utterly important, whether you are self-employed or professionally using the table saw. Table saws allow you to easily adjust and cut your woods according to your desired way. Indeed, Table saws are unquestionably best for ripping edges, only if handled with the utmost care

Here’s the thing, finding a table saw under $500 is not as tiring as it is to get a hold of a high-quality table saw, within a low-cost that is. When we talk about low cost, quality and performance are the things to worry about. Gratefully for woodworkers, there are plenty of table saws that provide high-quality performance at a fine rate.

DEWALT Table Saw (DWE7485) is the best table saw under $500 for its 8.5 inches blade length, 54 pounds weight, and compatible structure that is suitable for all skill level workers.

After going through many table saws, experimenting with their blades, considering their weight, durability, and the safety measures introduced in them. We’ve compiled the top ten best table saws under $500. Also, for selecting cost-effective table saws, look through our Buying Guide that has all the aspects you need to know before you choose a table saw.

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10 Best Table Saw under $500

DesignTable SawRetailer
Best Pick1. DEWALT Table Saw (DWE7485)
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Staff Pick2. Rockwell Tabletop Saw (RK7323):Best table saw under $500 for DIYers
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3. Goplus Table Saw: Best beginners table saw under $500
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Budget Pick4. Milwaukee Table saw (2736-20): Best table saw for contractors under $500
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5. Ryobi 10-inch table saw: Best lightweight table saw under $500
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6. Metabo HPT Table Saw (C10RJS): Best for Rip capacity under $500
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7. Bosch GTS1031 Jobsite Table Saw-Best Cheap Table Sawunder $500
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8. Skilsaw SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw-Best For Beginners
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9. WEN 3720 With Rolling Stand-Best Table Saw for Dado Cuts
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10. Hitachi C10RJ-Best Premium quality Table Saw under $500
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1. DEWALT Table Saw (DWE7485)

Best Pick


  • Blade length: 8 ½ inches
  • Weight: 54 Pounds.
  • Dimensions: 22.75 x 22.75 x 13 inches.
  • Power Source: Corded Electric.

Dewalt DWE7485 made up of a metal roll cage is a durable table saw that features a motor that works with the power of 15-amp. The blade spinning at the rate of 5800 RPM can easily cut 4-inch depth with its 8 1/2 inch blade. This blade also allows you to cut up to 2 9/16 inches deep at 90 degrees, whereas, 1 ¾ inches deep cut at 45 degrees. Furthermore, this portable table comes with a rip capacity of 24 ½ inches for ripping 4×8 inches of plywood sheets.

Also, the onboard storage gives enough space for storing store gauges, push sticks, and other guard fence wrenches. The Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails assist in making fence adjustability quick, seamless, and precise. Also, the compact size allows you to easily carry it around and store it effortlessly because it takes up less important space.

What’s more, is the riving knife and power-loss reset button that prevents auto-turning on the table saw after the power loss. Dewalt also features a blade brake for stopping the blade from functioning once the power button is not being pushed.

The power button guard and protect from any inadvertent start-up. Also, the incorporated push stick secures your fingertips while woodworking. The tabletop is flat and smooth-coated for preventing any friction while cutting the quality of wood.

The blade guard system and tool-free adjustments provide an unworried and safe environment. This table saw comes with anti-kickback pawls that retain the wood in grip as you cut. Also, it reduces the chances of being hit by the flying small flecks.

Lastly, Dewalt DWE7485 has a 2 ¼ inch dust port for collecting the dust and other small pieces of wood.


  • Compact build
  • Efficient dust port
  • Simple to use
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • High-speed spinning 


  • Wheeled stand not included

In brief, the DEWALT DWE7485 is the best affordable table saw available on the market that offers a safe working environment and deep clean cuts. This table saw is easy to use and helps you make tool-free adjustments. The only downside is that many woodworkers find the blade length smaller than other DEWALT table saw.

2. Rockwell Tabletop Saw (RK7323):Best table saw under $500 for DIYers

Staff Pick


  • Blade length: 4-inches
  • Weight: 17 Pounds.
  • Dimensions: 16.1×17.5×8.3 inches.
  • Power Source: Battery-powered

Rockwell table saw is a versatile cost-effective table saw for DIY woodworkers that come with a 4-inch t-shank jig blade for cutting through a large number of materials including wood, aluminum, or ceramic tiles.

The Rockwell BladeRunner X2 table saw’s exceptionally lightweight weighing only 14.7 pounds and built-in handle at the top, you’ll be able to move and transport this compact table saw with ease. The table also provides onboard storage for keeping your blades, miter gauge, and fence in an organized way. It also has a wall and shelf additional tools storage.

Moreover, the 3000rpm no-load rotating speed enables larger cuts with greater accuracy and a larger rip fence. Also, you can adjust the included Miter gauge between 0° to 60°. This table saw also features a safety switch with an Allen key to prevent the table saw from accidentally starting up.

You may directly attach a compatible vacuum to the included dust port to remove the produced dust. Also, this table saw provides you with 5 blades to get your woodworking started right away, and the tool-less blade changing system allows you to set up your blade in seconds.

Rockwell RK7323 also allows you easy ripping, scrolling of wood, crossover cuts, and miter cuts using the standard guard and riving knife system.


  • Tool-less blade
  • High ripping capacity
  • Compacted size
  • On-board storage
  • 5-years warranty


  • Not recommended for commercial work

Rockwell RK 7323 portable tabletop saw that doesn’t take up a lot of room and won’t cost much. The steel-built and easy set-up also allows beginners to start their woodworking job. Although this table saw may not be suitable for working professionals, it still can be used for home woodworking and by DIYers for their projects. 

3. Goplus Table Saw: Best beginners table saw under $500


  • Blade Length: 10 inches.
  • Weight: 46 Pounds.
  • Dimensions: 26 x 19x 35 inches.
  • Power Source: Corded Electric. 

The Goplus table saw offers a 15-Amp motor that rotates with 5,000 RPM to cut through several different planks of wood without producing single noise. As well as, the Goplus table saw is best for beginners as it comes with a 10-inch blade that can rip 4X4 dept at 90 degrees.

Also, this table saw includes a stand for preventing the table saw from rolling over as you cut your wood. The aluminum-coated table bench minimizes the friction to provide a smooth cutting environment.  The featured 36T carbide-tipped along with 26-inch rip capacity rips even through thick pieces of wood.

Not to forget, the riving knife and guarded blade protect you from getting injured by the flying small pieces of wood. The in-built Rack and pinion fence rail offer fence alignment along the blade for accurate and rapid cutting. 

Further, this table saw includes a foldable stand for convenient storage and transport. . This table also offers micro-adjustments and miter slots. Furthermore, at 90 degrees, it allows a maximum bevel cut of 3 inches, whereas, at 45 degrees, it gives a maximum bevel cut of 2 ¼ inches.

Goplus table saw also includes onboard storage so you may place your push sticks and other components when not in use. The dust chamber maintains the cleanliness around you by collecting all the dust and chunks of wood. A three-year warranty secures the reliability and durability of this table saw.


  • Compatible with Dado-blades
  • On/off switch present
  • Affordable
  • In-built stand
  • Dust chamber included


  • Not for cutting full-size sheets

In conclusion, the Goplus 10-inch table saw offers a great power output with a high ripping capacity within a reasonable price range. It also comes with a dust chamber for a clean working space. Although the quality of this tablet may not be up to the mark, it still is the best table saw for beginners to refine their woodwork. 

4. Milwaukee Table saw (2736-20): Best table saw for contractors under $500

Budget Pick


  • Blade Length: 10 inches.
  • Weight: 54.9 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 26 x 15 x 14 inches
  • Power source: battery powered

The Milwaukee M18 table saw is ideal for contractors and carpenters table saw as it works with a 15-Amp motor and comes with a 24 ½ inch rip capacity for ripping 600 linear sheets at a time. The blades spin at the rate of 5800 RPM providing accurate and quality cuts. The 4-inch blade provides a precise cut of 2 ½ depth at 90 degrees and 1 ¾ dept at 45 degrees.

Furthermore, this durable table saw is featured with Redlink plus technology for preventing any kind of overheating and protects from over-discharge or overload. The rack and pinion fence system enables quick and easy changes while maintaining high cutting quality.

It also has onboard storage space for placing the necessary tools and blades. Moreover, the included riving knives and tool-free guard allow you to change your blades without any wastage of time. The Milwaukee table saw is fully metal built which makes it the best table saw for Jobsite.

Also, this one-key compatible table saw offers a wireless connection for keeping track of your tools and table saw. As well as, the tool tracker allows you to check the location where your table saw was last used. Interestingly, you can send a command to your table saw for shutting off if stolen or lost.


  • Durable design
  • Redlink technology
  • Tool tracker included
  • Rack and pinion fence
  • 5-year warranty


  • A bit heavy 

To conclude, The Milwaukee M18 table saw is the best budget-friendly table saw under $500 that not only gives you high-speed output but also keeps your tools protected.

This table saw provides an all-day performance with long-lasting HD12.0battery. although with all these good features a stand would have been better. Nonetheless, it is still a compact size table saw that provides easy transport and is easy to use as well.

5. Ryobi 10-inch table saw: Best lightweight table saw under $500


  • Blade Length: 10 inches.
  • Weight: 50.8 Pounds.
  • Dimensions: 34 x 27.36 x 13.98 inches
  • Power Source: battery-powered

Ryobi high-quality table saw is one of the best cheap tables saw for those who work with wood on a daily basis as it comes with a 10-inch blade and spinning speed of 5000 RPM.  It operates with a 15-amp motor for cutting carving hardwoods.

The high ripping capacity enables a 27.4-inch deep cut with the right blade and a 14-inch deep cut with a left blade. Also, it includes a foldable stand allowing you to store or place your table saw easily when not in use. The steel stand also has integrated wheels for convenient maneuvering. The tabletop is coated with aluminum for easy gliding of wood.

For the safety of woodworkers, this table saw provides a blade guard system and an on/off switch that enables you to put the required blades onto the work.

Furthermore, the onboard storage allows you to keep your working tools such as push stick, rip fence, and other accessories. Also, it includes a tool-less extension and an anti-kick pawl for safety if any kickback occurs.

The Ryobi table saw offers a miter gauge for uncomplicated cutting at any angle with the blade. Again, the push stick allows adequate hand control as you push the wood. Lastly, the 2 ½ inch dust port keeps your table saw clean and tidy from dust particles. 


  • Lightweight
  • Miter-gauge included
  • Foldable Steel stand 
  • Powerful motor
  • 3-years warranty


  • Miter gauge need improvement

Ryobi 10-inch table saw comes with high-speed rotating blades and provides various accessories that you won’t find in other low-cost table saws. It also provides safety measures such as an anti-kick pawl and guard blade to reduce the risk of injury while working with blades.

The downside we found in this table saw was poor manual instructions, which might be unhelpful for beginners and those who are just starting woodworking. But, for home renovation and smaller wood tasks, it might be efficient for those who are experienced in working with the table saw.

6. Metabo HPT Table Saw (C10RJS): Best for Rip capacity under $500


  • Blade Length: 10 inches.
  • Weight: 96 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 28.75 x 22 x 36 inches.
  • Power source: corded electric

The Metabo HPT is built with a 10-inches blade that offers a 40-tooth carbide grade tip for cutting through plywood and hardwood with a high speed of 4500 RPM. The powerful motor with 15-amp cuts various materials that craftsmen use.

Also, the 35-inches rip capacity allows easy and deep cuts. The blade allows 3 ⅛ inches deep cut at 90 degrees and 2 ¼ inches at 45 degrees. The Metabo HPT features a foldable stand with wheels that allows you to easily move and store your table saw.

Additionally, the 35-inch rip capacity at the right is equipped with an electric brake for restricting the spinning rate, reducing the risk of damage. Furthermore, the dust collecting port allows you to work without the disturbance of wood chunks and debris.

This table saw includes all the necessary tools such as kickback, push stick, and extended outfeed support to guard the user against getting injured from the rotating blade. You can easily modify the angle and height of the table using the adjustment knob.

Also, the rack and pinion fence rail offer synchronization along the blade for precise and quick cutting.


  • Powerful motor
  • High spinning speed
  • Safety features included 
  • Blade brake support
  • Supported by outfeed.


  • Poor and small wheels  

To summarize, the Metabo HPT table saw is the best portable table saw for professional and commercial use within an affordable range. It offers a high-powered motor and great rip capacity for working with woods and other materials. Although the blade cover is built with plastic that may be not secure, it still provides other safety features including kickback pawl and push-stick for cutting precisely.

7. Bosch GTS1031 Jobsite Table Saw-Best Cheap Table Sawunder $500


  • Dimensions: 26 x 24.75 x 15.5 inches.
  • Weight: 52 Pounds.
  • Blade Length: 10 inches.
  • Speed: 5000 RPM.

The Bosch GTS1031 has the most portable design and comes with a 15-amp powerful motor that delivers a non-load blade speed of 5000 RPM to rip through large materials. It uses 10 inches 24-T carbide blade combined with high blade speed provides a ripping capacity of 18 inches that helps you cut any workpiece with high quality and precision.

The onboard storage helps you with storing all the accessories. It provides a maximum cut depth of 3-⅛ inches at 90 degrees and 2-¼ inches at 45 degrees.

The adjustable SquareLock rip fence provides the maximum output and decreases waste making this fence the most accurate fence system. It comes with a smart guard modular that attaches and detaches in less than a second to protect you in case of an accident.

With help of Rawls and riving knife, it maintains the distance between blades and minimizes kickbacks, and provides superior control. The fence easily glides along the rail allowing you to perform one-hand operations.

It comes with a dust port that can be connected to a vacuum and stores all the dust and debris in one place. The 20 x 22-½ inches tabletop and 18 inches ripping capacity allow you to cut large materials or stockings effortlessly.


  • Jobsite mobility and balance.
  • Durable build.
  • Onboard storage.
  • True cuts for maximum output.
  • Smart guard.


  • A bit noisy.

In the final analysis, the Bosch GTS1031 is the best table saw under 500 for contractor work as it provides a large space and 18 inches ripping capacity which is enough for cutting large materials. It comes with several safety features and a storage system that makes your cutting work convenient. However, the table saw is a bit loud which makes it hard to focus on your work.

8. Skilsaw SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw-Best For Beginners


  • Dimensions: 28.9 x 12.99 x 20.87 inches.
  • Weight: 67 Pounds.
  • Blade Length: 10 inches.
  • Power Souce: Corded Electric.

The SKIL 3410-02 has a 15-amp powerful motor and 20 x 26 inches aluminum cast table that can be extended up to 32 inches for large workpieces. It comes with a self-aligning rip fence that provides smooth and accurate adjustments making your cuts precise. The quick-mount system helps set up this table saw quite simple and easy with a stand.

It has 3-½ inches cut height that helps you cut through 4x materials. The measurement system this table saw uses is fully accurate and provides precise settings allowing you to cut just as you want.

With a speed of no-load 5000 RPM and 10 inches 40-T carbide blade, you easily cut through the toughest materials with high precision. It comes with a variety of safety features which include a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and a push stick.

The stand of this table saw features detachable legs that get rid of unwanted movement while cutting.

This table saw offers 2.5 inches cut depth at 45 degrees and 3.5 inches cut depth at 90 degrees which is enough to cut through a pile of materials. You can fold the stand to make it easier to move around and store when not in use.


  • Powerful and efficient motor.
  • Large workspace area.
  • Clear and accurate measurements.
  • Comes with a foldable table stand.
  • Several safety features for protection.


  • Doesn’t include a dust port.

To conclude, the SKIL 3410-02 proves to be the best table saw under 500 for beginners as it comes with a powerful motor, blade, and several safety features that make cutting work easier. It offers an extended workspace and a quick-mount system helping you use it and store it with ease. However, it doesn’t come with a dust port which makes cleaning a bit of a hassle.

9. WEN 3720 With Rolling Stand-Best Table Saw for Dado Cuts


  • Dimensions: 30 x 45 x 38 inches.
  • Weight: 79 Pounds.
  • Blade Length: 10 inches.
  • Power Souce: Battery Powered.

The WEN 3720 comes with a 15-amp powerful motor that delivers a speed of 4440 RPM enough to cut boards up to 3-9/16 inches deep with 26 inches rip capacity. You can move or bevel the blade anywhere from 0 to 45 degrees allowing you to perform all kinds of DIY jobs.

The table can be extended up to 40 x 30-â…ž inches in either direction to help you cut large materials which require more space. It comes with an onboard storage system to help you store all the accessories on this table saw for ease of storage.

The 2-½ inches dust port can be connected to a vacuum and allows you to keep all dust and debris in one place for easy cleaning. This table saw is compatible with a dado blade and you can retract the extensions for ease of transportation.

It comes with two 8 inches wheels that can move around in irregular terrain. Furthermore, it takes a couple of seconds to swap out the blade that will help you for different jobs.

With help of a sliding miter gauge and sturdy fence, you can cut through hard materials and other DIY jobs with high reliability. This table saw comes with a 2-year warranty that covers most of the aspects of this table saw.


  • Extendable tabletop.
  • Reliable and highly portable.
  • Onboard storage.
  • Adjustable fence.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Manual is hard to understand.

To summarize, the WEN 3720 is the best table saw under 500 for DIY jobs as it comes with high ripping capacity and extendable table space for large materials cutting. It comes with several safety features that protect you from the spinning blade ensuring a safe and secure cutting environment.

However, you will have a hard time trying to understand the manual as by following it, assembling becomes a hassle.

10. Hitachi C10RJ-Best Premium quality Table Saw under $500


  • Dimensions: 22 x 28 x 36 inches.
  • Weight: 96 Pounds.
  • Blade Length: 10 inches.
  • Power Souce: Corded Electric.

The Hitachi C10RJ features a universal 15-amp powerful motor that produces a speed of 4500 RPM that is perfect for cutting large materials and stockings. It comes with a 40-T carbide blade and offers a bevel range of 0 to 45 degrees for a variety of cutting applications.

This table saw offers 3-⅛ inches cut at 0 degrees and 2-¼ inches cut at 45 degrees which is enough for all cutting applications. The soft-start circuitry puts a minimum load on the motor and circuit reducing recoil and noise when you start this table saw.

This table saw has a 28-¾ x 22 inches tabletop with support of 28-¾ x 2 inches that provides support for large material making your workspace enough for cutting of large workpieces.

It uses a telescoping rail fence system combined with a durable blade and a powerful motor to provide a ripping capacity up to 35 inches to the right and 22 inches to the left. There is a bevel scale and bevel height adjustments for the blade are available allowing you to get a clear view of the material you are cutting.

The stand this table saw comes with doesn’t wobble and is easily foldable allowing you to transport it from one place to another with ease.

It comes with a safety switch that is oversized and shuts down the table saw as soon as you press it and you can use it as a safety measure. The onboard storage allows you to keep all the accessories on this table saw.


  • Durable construction.
  • Easier to move around.
  • Soft start system.
  • Adjustable fence for a variety of cuts.
  • Onboard storage.


  • Hard to assemble at first.

In short, the Hitachi C10RJ is the best premium table saw under 500 that provides a ripping capacity of 35 inches and a large workspace for cutting large materials. It provides a clear view of the material you’re cutting for accurate cuts. With an adjustable fence, you can perform a variety of cuts for different jobs. However, if it’s your first time assembling this table saw then it would be quite hard.

Buyers Guide-How to choose Table saw Under 500$ Budget

When it comes to choosing the best affordable table saw, there are numerous aspects to consider. You might not find best of best table saw under $500, but you can still acquire a quality table saw if you look for these features in your table saw:

Power and speed

Consider the RPMs accessible on a table saw. The standard RPM of 3,450 is not a bad feature. Faster spins provide more precise cuts through plywood, hardwood, and other materials as well. Generally, a quicker blade rate reduces backlash and produces nicer edges on cuts. The motor featured in most low-cost table saws is 15 amps, which is ample for cutting woods. This, however, may not be suitable for cutting through thick materials.

Dust Port

The dust port is what you probably need while working with a table saw. It actually is an additional feature. The dust port directs any dust produced during cutting.  You can also use a vacuum along with your dust port to prevent the dust and wood chunks from piling up as it can create difficulty and pollution.

Safety features

Table saw manufacturers, as well as, table saw users, should pay high focus on safety. It’s critical to be advantaged by all of the safety features. One of them is a clear blade covering. It will allow you to view your work clearly. A majority of blade covers are detachable, but you should always keep them on your saw.

A riving knife is another key feature that should be kept in mind for choosing table saws. A riving knife is basically a dividing knife that fits below the basic blade and avoids kickback by grasping wood as it is pushed against the blade. The table saw also includes an anti-kickback pawl to minimize the kickback.

Size and weight

Size and weight are important if you work on different job sites. There are various compact size table saws that may fit your workspace well. Also, the weight of the table saw helps you to carry it around without burdening your shoulder.

On-board storage

Many affordable table saws offer onboard storage for placing your tools such as dado blades, miter gauges, and other helpful accessories.  This storage is helpful as having all of your table saw tools in one place results in inconvenient working. 


In the end, it isn’t essential for a table saw to be costly in order to work effectively. For the same reason, we put together six best table saws under $500, with their reviewed features, pros, and cons. Table saws can provide similar high-quality performance without big-budget. For short reviewing, we’ve limited down three of our top table saw we felt confident in suggesting: 

  • Best Over all-DEWALT(DWE7485) Table saw: With metal built this durable table saw provides great rip capacity and a highly powerful 15-Amp motor. This table saw comes with security features including a riving knife and fence adjustability. Also, the reset button prevents the auto-restart of the table saw.
  • Best for DIYers-Rockwell (RK7323) Table saw: For DIY enthusiasts this table saw brings forth various blades such as T-shank jig blades. Also, this table saw offers all the required table saw accessories for cutting wood precisely. The dust port is an additional good feature for clean woodworking.
  • Best beginner’s Table saw-Goplus table saw: Goplus table saw comes with 5000 RPM motor spinning speed for accurate cut within a short period of time. This table saw also comes with a foldable stand so you may store your table saw anywhere. It is also compatible with Dado blades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we cut stone and metal with a low-cost table saw?

No, most of the low-priced table saws are built only for cutting certain materials like wood and other sheets only. Cutting stones and metals may harm your blades and table saw as well.

Is sharpening of the table saw blades possible?

Yes, steel blades may be sharpened with ease. While in the case of a carbide blade, it most certainly needs to be sharpened by a professional.






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