How to choose a table saw

A table saw is an expensive woodworking tool. You can’t just go online and buy one in seconds. Proper research is required to get the one that comes within your budget and meets all your needs. Depending on the work you will be doing with it, I will give you guidelines on how to choose a table saw.

A table saw should have a few features to consider before buying it for a beginner and an experienced user. Examine all of these features to ensure that you get the best one that meets all of your requirements.

Decide for which purpose you will use this table saw before you search for different designs and models. For those who are simple DIYers, hobbyists, or weekend table saw users, any portable table saw with a 3 HP motor is ideal for them. 

But if you are a professional woodworker with a productive business, you should go for a stationary table saw with a heavy motor of about 3 to 7 HP. 

Read on to know the features to consider when choosing the best table saw for your shop.

How to choose a table saw? The things to consider as a beginner or an expert.

Consider the space

If you plan to use your table saw as a hobby in your home, you won’t be able to accommodate a large machine that takes up the entire garage. You should buy a benchtop table saw. that is small in size and usually has foldable legs with wheels. These are not only budget-friendly, but you can also carry them easily. Check out the best budget table saw for even more great recommendations.

If you work as a professional woodworker and you need to move from the job site, you should buy a table that can be carted to the job site. The Jobsite table saw is the ideal match for you.  You can easily rip boards up to one inch thick with this saw. Its foldable legs with wheels make it the best choice for any mobile woodworker. Click here to see the top table saws with wheels

And if you are a dedicated woodworker and you have heavy-duty projects, like cutting thicker wood to make furniture and wooden houses, a cabinet table saw fits well into your needs. It has a large cast-iron tabletop with a powerful motor and a carbide blade. This is considered the king kong of table saws. For more information about the companies that manufacture the best and most sturdy cabinet table saws, click Best cabinet table saw.

Consideration: Motor power

Table saws vary in motor power from benchtop to cabinet models.  If you’re buying a table saw for the job site, make sure it has a 15-amp motor. There’s plenty of ripping power, and all you need is 120V AC power to get started as a beginner.  

Lastly, if you want a table saw for industrial use, make sure it has 7.5 horsepower. This will prevent the motor from overheating and bogging down. 

When deciding the power of the motor, a general rule is that if you plan to cut wood 2 inches thick, the motor should be rated at 2 HP.

Consideration: Direct or belt drive motor

Table saws with direct drive motors are a good option if you want to use one for simple tasks. If you are a simple DIYer, a hobbyist, or a beginner, direct-drive motors are ideal for you. 

Nevertheless, if you are a professional woodworker, you should opt for the belt-driven motor.

Consideration: Safety 

Safety features are one of the most important things to consider when buying a table saw. Taking an eye off the blade will cause the results to be catastrophic. As a result of so many injuries in recent years, table saws have been innovated. 

There are so many security features added to table saws that have never been there before.  such as a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and most importantly, safety power switches.

Riving knife

Riving knives are metal knives that follow a blade and prevent kickbacks. It prevents newly cut pieces of wood from colliding and pinching the blade, which could cause a dangerous kickback. 

Check for a riving knife on the table saw you’re considering purchasing.

Anti Kickback pawls

Another safety feature linked to a blade guard is anti-kickback pawls. The spring-tensioned claws keep the wood from flying upward and back at you when the blade wants to throw it. 

When ripping large boards, you will find their great application.

Emergency power switches

There should be a large push-to-stop button on the table saw. In case, an emergency occurs, it will keep you from a devastating injury. Check for them while purchasing a table saw. 
Operating a table saw necessitates a great deal of concentration and care. To be recognized, you must read How To Avoid Table Saw Accidents.

Consideration: table saw extensions

There are some table saws on the market that come with basic extensions. They have a hefty price tag. However, I would recommend that you purchase a table saw that is designed to allow for extension. You can add them when needed and can also remove them. This feature will make operating a table saw a lot easier.

Consideration: Blades

It is the blades that do the whole work. Having a sharp blade with the proper height adjustment will change your game. It will provide you with a buttery experience. 

The standard size of the blade is 10 to 12 inches. While purchasing, consider the cost, function, and purpose as well. This boils down to your personal preferences. 

I’ve put forth all the features you need to consider while buying a table saw. I hope you get the best table saw that meets all your needs, and I wish you a joyful experience with your table saw.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding how to choose a table saw or any other question related to woodworking. We would love to answer you. And Also share your thoughts in the comment box given below.

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