what is table saw

What is a Table saw and how to use it step by step

What is a table saw

A table saw is an electric cutting tool for solid materials to make precise cuts. It is commonly employed for cutting wood.  Most table saws employees circular blades driven by electricity through belts but sometimes directly. Its circular blade is mounted on the arbor and can be adjusted up and down to determine the size of the cut and to give precise angled cuts in delicate wood.

Table saws are designed to give support to the material being cut, Its blades protrude on the top of the table and can cut numerous materials. They are the best option to perform long cuts with precise angles. Its machine-powered circular blade has teeth with alternative grooves that reduce the chance of binding between the cut surfaces and the saw’s sides. You can choose them over a band saw.

Parts of table saws

The main components of the table saw include a table (outfeed and infeed), Rip fence, Miter gauge, crosscut sleds, Splitters, inserts, anti-kickback pawls,  downdraft table, and a push stick.


As we know, table saws are mostly used to cut massive materials (longboards or sheets), so it has outfeed and infeed tables, outfeed tables make the process of cutting easier and quicker by out feeding the material to be cut.
Infeed tables are used to feed the material into the cutting blade. 

Rip fence:

A rip fence is commonly called a table saw fence. It is an important component of the table saw and it sits. The rip fence is a device used to hold your board in place as you make a rip cut along the grain. It sits to the right of the table saw blade and is not for cross-cut alignment.

Miter gauge:

For cross cuts, rip fences are not appropriate. A miter gauge is a device used for holding workpieces at a set angle while being cut on table saws. It slides in a slot on the worktable (known as a miter slot) on the machine being used.

Crosscut sleds:

The crosscut sled holds the workpiece at a fixed 90-degree angle to the blade, to make precise repeatable cuts at the most commonly used angle (parallel cuts). The sled is normally guided by a runner attached under it that slides in a miter slot.  This is used to make repeated cuts easy and quick. 

Anti Kickback paws:

The saw is fitted with anti kickback paws to help reduce kickback risk and protect the operator and the saw from damage.

Downdraft table:

Downdraft tables are the workbenches that draw away the dust (i.e, wood dust) and smoke from the material and operator without hindering the performance of the operator. 

Push Stick:

A push stick isn’t an integral part of the table saw but is used to feed the material to the blade. A push stick is a band hold device to help you while operating the table saw.

How to use a table saw?

The table saw is a really amazing cutting tool, but it also comes with so many potential dangers. 

You should read this post before employing your table saw to make your first cut if you are a beginner. We have outlined comprehensive guidelines for beginners to learn how to use a table saw step by step. 

Step 1: Safety first
Never use a table saw carelessly, the consequences can be catastrophic. Always wear safety gloves, glasses, and respiratory masks. 

Step 2: Check safety equipment

Before commencing the table saw job, check the blade guard and the wires of the table saw.

Step 3: Adjust the fence

The fence is used to keep the cutting material at a constant distance from the blade, and there is a level that comes with it called the “fence dog”. Make sure it is adjusted to rip smoothly. 

Step 4: Adjust the height of the blade and use a blade guard 

Set the blade only slightly higher than the top of the material that needs to be cut. This can slightly reduce the kickback and tear-out on the bottom of the workpiece but is more dangerous. Always use a blade guard to save your hands from fetal injury.

Step 5: never use the fence and miter gauge together

Fence and miter gauge, if used together, can cause kickback or jump of the material to be cut. 

Step 6: read the manual book with the table saw

Prior to operating a table saw for the first time, read the manual and follow the instructions. 

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