Enshrouded Blacksmith Guide – How to Shelter the Blacksmith

The Blacksmith can craft some incredible things.

Enshrouded Blacksmith Guide

In Enshrouded, you’ll come across several NPC’s you’ll rescue and bring back to your base. Trapped inside Ancient Vaults, it’s up to you to retrieve them from the dangerous vaults and then add them to your safe base. This Enshrouded Blacksmith guide has everything you need to know about how to find and utilize the Blacksmith, as well as how to build him Shelter.

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Enshrouded Blacksmith Guide - How to Shelter the Blacksmith
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What is the Blacksmith for in Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, the Blacksmith is an NPC that you can rescue who will unlock a variety of crafting tables and craftable equipment for you. In fact, the Blacksmith can craft one of the best early-game armor sets in the game, the Rising Fighter Set.

To unlock the Blacksmith, you first need to rescue him. After starting Enshrouded and starting your first base, you should see an area located just northwest of your location on the map. The area is titled Ancient Vault — Blacksmith, and is where you will find the Blacksmith. Head to the area marked and you will find that one of the containers inside is glowing purple. This is where you will find the Blacksmith, and interacting with the container will rescue him.

Now that you have the Blacksmith head back to your base and use the Summoning Staff to place the Blacksmith in your base. He will have a variety of craftables available from the start. However, to make the really good stuff, you will have to build him his own house, or Shelter him.

How to build Shelter for the Blacksmith
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How to build Shelter for the Blacksmith

To unlock the best crafting options at the Blacksmith, you need to provide him with Shelter. The only requirements are an enclosed building with a foundation, walls, and a roof. You can use Wood, Stone, or whatever else you prefer to build the house. As you can see in the screenshot above, my Blacksmith Shelter is a simple 2×2 structure with walls and a roof. Once you build the Shelter, use the Summoning Staff to place the Blacksmith inside and he will be considered Sheltered and give you access to more craftables!

Here is what the Blacksmith can craft when Sheltered:

Production Places

  • Forge
  • Charcoal Kiln


  • Nails


  • Felling Axes
  • Pickaxes
  • Scrappy Rake
  • Lockpick


  • Shields
  • One-handed Weapons


  • Rising Fighter Set
  • Fur Armor Set


  • Dishes

We’ll continue to update this Enshrouded Blacksmith Guide as we unlock more stuff that the Blacksmith can craft.

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