Should you craft the Rising Fighter Set in Enshrouded? Is it good?

Yes, you should.

Should you craft the Rising FIghter Set in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded has a pretty steep difficulty early, especially for solo players. Having the proper equipment is one of the best ways to alleviate the challenge. As such, the Rising Fighter Set should be one of the first gear sets you craft. It’s an incredibly strong set, especially early game, and can make a lot of the early game content much more doable. So if you’re wondering whether or not you should craft the Rising Fighter Set in Enshrouded? You absolutely should.

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How to craft the Rising Fighter Set in Enshrouded
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How to craft the Rising Fighter Set in Enshrouded

In order to craft the Rising Fighter Set in Enshrouded, you need to have the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith is the first NPC you will recruit back to your base, and it’s one of the first things you will do. Once you have recruited the Blacksmith, you need to Shelter him, which will unlock his ability to craft you the Rising Fighter Set.

Thankfully, providing Shelter for your NPC’s is very easy. Simply build a structure with a foundation, walls, a doorway, and a roof, then place the Blacksmith in it using the Summoning Staff. Voila, he’s now considered Sheltered. Doing this will unlock his ability to craft the Rising Fighter Set by simply speaking to him. You should now see all five pieces of the Rising Fighter Set as craftable under the Armor category when crafting at the Blacksmith, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Here are all the crafting materials required for craft each piece of armor in the Rising Fighter Set:

Rising Fighter Helmet

Rising Fighter Chest

Rising Fighter Gloves

Rising Fighter Trousers

Rising Fighter Boots

Why you should craft the Rising Fighter Set

The Rising Figher Set is incredibly strong, with each piece giving very useful bonuses. Let’s take a look at what you will get by crafting the entire Rising Fighter Set.

  • +103 total Physical Resistance – This will reduce the amount of damage you take from physical attacks, and if you don’t have any other equipment already, this will reduce the damage you take by a ton.
  • +51 total Magical Resistance This reduces the amount of damage you take from magical attacks and is also very useful if you don’t already have armor.
  • +11% Melee Critical Strike Chance This increases your overall chance of getting a critical strike when using melee attacks. Definitely nice if you use melee weapons.
  • +2% Melee Damage Even though 2% isn’t much, more damage is always good.
  • +83 Health This Health increase is huge, especially in the early game. With this set and a couple of levels, I went from one small health bar to two and a half.
  • +1 Health Regeneration This may seem minor, but the 1 Health Regeneration is huge. You will basically regenerate one health at all times, which is great both in and out of combat.

In summary, you should definitely be crafting the Rising Fighter Set in Enshrouded. It may take a little extra work to get all the materials, but it’s worth it because of how great this set is.

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