How to get Horns in Palworld

Horns can be found all over the world.

Where to find Horns in Palworld

Horns in Palworld help you make medicinal items. Thankfully, they can be found fairly easily.

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Palworld Horns location
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Where to find Horns in Palworld

Horns are a resource dropped by defeated, horned Pals in the field. Nearby the first boss tower the Rayne Syndicate Tower, you’ll find a few of these creatures. The Eikthyrdeer and Caprity roam around this area. The first offers up two horns per hunt, while the latter offers only one. If you follow the route from Rayne Syndicate Tower to the Plateau of Beginnings, you should come across multiple Pals of these species.

It may be tough to get Horns in Palworld at first, however. You should be around Level 15 to easily take down the Eikthyrdeer and Caprity and get a rewarding hunt.

Does butchering your Pals help with getting horns?

With a High Quality Workbench and after unlocking it in the Technology section of the menu, you can forge a Meat Cleaver. You’ll need five Ingot, 20 wood, and five stone. This can be used to butcher your own Pals. It’s certainly an evil act from some points of view, but you can get great rewards from doing this.

When I sadly butchered a Caprity for the sake of this guide, I received two horns rather than just one. This means you get double the resources if you decide to butcher a caught Pal.

To butcher a Pal, equip the Meat Cleaver and then hold 4. Instead of the pet option appearing on the wheel, it says to butcher. You’ll then get a blurred image of the Pal being slaughtered for your gain.

What can you do with this resource?

Horns in Palworld are mainly for creating medicines. They can help create the following at the Medieval Medicine Workbench:

  • Low Grade Medical Supplies
  • Medical Supplies
  • High Grade Medical Supplies
  • Suspicious Juice
  • Strange Juice
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